The Shloka or mantra (holy chants) are one of the forms mainly written in Sanskrit – with an intension to praise or worship God. One such chant. He who is having big and round eyes, He who has taken a vow to kill the enemies, He who by His fierce roars is shaking the entire world. Mantrarajapada Stotram (ஸ்ரீ மந்த்ரராஜபத ஸ்தோத்ரம்) is from the .. Sri Mantra Raja Patha Slokam in Sanskrit: .

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If u do kw any othr sloka or any ritual tat I may get complete relif! He after whose luster the luminary bodies, the Sun, the Moon, the Stars and Fire are effulgent and are shining, to that resplendent One I offer my salutations.

Narasimha Raja Patha Stotram – Hindupedia, the Hindu Encyclopedia

Stuart Trusty May 17, at 3: Author Socials Follow me Twitter Facebook. Unknown August 4, at 3: God bless you my Dearest Friend. He who is having big and round eyes, He who has taken a vow to kill the enemies, He who by His fierce roars is shaking the entire world, to such a ferocious Lord, I offer my salutations. Pls do help me! May 3, at Dear Mam, Trust me pls, Anyone can receite this stotram. Please reply Thanks Geeta.


Where can i find the pdf version of Sri Sansrit Sthothram?

It is for you. Everything is going to be alright. OK, I’ll tell you more in my future blogs.

SRI MANTRARAJAPADA STOTRAM – Gleanings from Sanskrit Literature

OB December 7, at 6: Hello Sir, Thanks a lot mantrs your comments. Shankarea aadhaarath proktham, Padaanaam Thathwa nirnayam, Tri sandhyam ya padeth thasya, Srir vidhya aayuscha vardhathe, These words which have been put together, By Lord Shiva with reverenceIf read during dawn, dusk and noon, Would lead to increase of wealth, longevity and knowledge. Lakshmi narashima homam is helping you keep away from enemies and blessing you with peace and happiness.

So innocent, so delicate, so pure just like every other newborn. Dear Priya Garu, Appreciate and thank you for your excellent post. Mandra Raja Patha Slokam rendered by Mukkur swamigal.

Narasimha Raja Patha Stotram

Vruthoth phulla visalakshamVipaksha kshaya deekshitham, Ninada thrastha viswandamVishnum ugram namayaham. And my mom she is in coma. Venkatesh T January 29, at 6: Sadhana Vinay August 22, at 5: Thank you for your great post: The fact that I happened to see your site, and am writing ‘something’ on Lord Nrisimha in the evening of the holiest month in Tamil Nadu, namely “Margazhi” – that too on the very first day – itself is proof that the Lord guides me.


I don’t know how to react on finishing this so called milestone.

MurPriya March 11, at 8: I am a lady and Have been saying Ugram Veeram times every day for the last 6 months as I am in deep trouble. January 5, at 2: September 13, at 6: It has given me so much peace rxja mind and lot more. Hi, The below line needs to be corrected.


I want to know is it Mrityor Mrityum or is it Mrityum Mrityum. Always wakes you up in morning makes you start the pray- i personally experienced this 8.

May 17th is “Vaikunda Ekadasi”. Thanks in advance Regards Krishna. MurPriya August 4, at Im saying it for the past 10 years.

Is there a specific time slot. Slokas anyone can recite