Shri Mahila Griha Udyog, the makers of the famous Lijjat Papad, is an organisation which symbolises the strength of a woman. Only women can become the. Contributed by members of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is Contributed by members of TORY. The story of Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad is all that and much more. Today, Lijjat is more than just a household name for ‘papad’.

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From the moment a new member joins, she is repeatedly told to make quality her mantra. Besides the concept of business, the institution along with all it’s member sisters have adopted the concept of mutual family affection, concern and trust. Valuing people and under-standing their problems has created for Lijjat a sound and sustainable business model.

Maintaining proper accounts has always been on our agenda. Pijjat several occasions, the Lijjat member-sisters have undertaken social service activities such as distributing nutritious food for poor children, donating money for conducting community marriage, instituting prize-money for spread of primary education, undertaking blood donation drive, organising health camps, plantation drives and even making donations to Government bodies.

Empowering women in urban India : Shri Mahila Griha Udyog Lijjat Papad (English) | The World Bank

Lijjat believes in the philosophy of sarvodaya and collective ownership. They leveraged their basic skill and turned it into a weapon because they believed in themselves and in each other. Cooperatives in India Worker cooperatives Women’s organisations based in India Organisations based in Mumbai Organizations established in For example, we do not have any centre in Goa, but we have appointed a distributor for that area to ensure that Lijjat papads reach Goa. Shared destiny This cooperative organisation was started by seven women on a terrace of a building in Girgaum in Mumbai.

Paradkar lihjat President Smt. Mobile Number Please enter Mobile Number.


Lijjat Homepage

When we started out, Chhagan Bapa, our mentor had advised us to maintain accounts daily. Initially, even younger girls could join, but later eighteen was fixed as the minimum age of entry. The women lived in Lohana Niwas, a group of five buildings in Girgaum. Swati ParadkarMagila.

We share the same values, are a democratic set up and, like India, have members from every community, every religion, every language within our fold. In the first year, the organisation’s annual sales were Rs. And that’s how we function even today. We, at Lijjat, have never shied away from sharing power in all our activities. Please enter full name. Later, the managing committee decided to start such classes in all its branches.

Kubal – Secretary Smt. This publicity helped it increase its membership.

It was also papqd as a “village industry”. Because every ben rolls the papad to the same specification and every lot of papad goes through testing.

Documents & Reports

We also do not accept donation or charity of any kind, even if voluntarily offered. Retrieved 15 January Grihz only one of those seven survives today, the organisation has not given up on the ideals they started with. Primarily a cottage industry, urban by its origin, which has spread to the rural areas, it had an annual Rs.

Each branch calculates its profit and divides it equally among all its members. Udyyog pioneer batch of 7 ladies had set the ball rolling. On the contrary, the member sisters donate collectively for good causes from time to time according to their capacity. It accepts all its working members as the owners and an equal partaker in both profit and loss.

Pricing of the products is also done at the head office. After that, where and how they export is their call. The papads were kept on the cot and the stove below the cot so that the process of drying could take place in spite of the rains.


As I mentioned earlier, all profit papa loss is shared. Each distributor picks up an average of boxes per day from the depot. Lijjat follows its own financial accountability principle. For one, all raw materials are purchased in Mumbai and then distributed to the 62 branches to ensure consistent quality of Lijjat Papad. Wouldn’t it be a logistical nightmare?

All the decisions are based on consensus and any member-sister has the right to veto a decision. Our bens take dough home and roll them into papads when they are free from their domestic chores.

They are, both, expected and encouraged to check the goods on collection. It mahipa given us a clear vision of the path of progress. Profits and losses are shared equally among the members of a given branch. There is no credit method for running operations in the organisation.

Grihz papads are sealed into a box each box holds Starting as a small group of seven women intoday Lijjat has more than 40, members in 62 branches across 17 Indian states. Please enter Mobile Number. Seven women with no special skills but a strong determination to earn dignity as individuals went ahead to make a successful business, doing what they knew best — rolling papads. In some smaller papwd or villages, the branch itself serves as the depot.

Lots of companies selling papads have come and papwd. We have a committee of 21 that decides how the profits are to be distributed. A few of them, seven to be exact, maahila on the terrace of the building and started a small inconspicuous function. Members from our marketing division personally go and check the godown facilities and only on their approval do we appoint distributors.