Synario Design Automation, a division of Data I/O, has made every attempt to ensure that the information in this document is accurate and complete. Synario. The VHDL Golden Reference Guide is a compact quick reference guide to the VHDL language, its syntax, semantics, synthesis and application to hardware. All knowledge about VHDL starts with the IEEE Standard VHDL Language Reference Manual. LRM for short. Not much is said about “WORK”, but in section

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VHDL – Wikipedia

This may surprise some or even most VHDL designers, even experienced engineers. Most of the time, nobody gets bothered by this. But on occasion, it can cause great confusion and waste of time.

Not much is said about “WORK”, but in section Every design unit [ This means that there is no library named WORK. Instead, the identifier WORK just refers to the current library.


In Java this refers to this object, which obviously is different for each object. This makes me think of a silly joke of man who asks: How will your mail ever get there? And that is exactly the problem with using WORK as a library name.

Other ltm cannot refer to you. If another library say alex they would refer to work. But hey, there is no way to change that now.

HDL Works VHDL Guide

The best you can do is be aware of this idiosyncrasy in VHDL and live with it. Preferably by avoiding WORK all together.

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