The First London Baptist Confession of. / Published in The Text used: There has been some updating of Old English words – but otherwise no. The First London Baptist Confession of / Published in The Text used: There has been some updating of Old English words – but otherwise no. By Dustin Bruce. During a recent reading of David Bebbington’s Baptists Through the Centuries, his mention of a scholarly dispute regarding.

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And this we did, the more abundantly to manifest our consent with them both, in all the fundamental articles of the Christian religion, also with many others whose orthodox confessions have been published to the World, on behalf of the protestants in diverse nations and cities; and also to convince all that we have no itch to clog religion with new words, but to readily acquiesce in that form of sound words which hath been, in consent with the holy scriptures, used by others before us.

The proceedings opened with a discussion as to whether to amend the Westminster Confession or to produce a new one. In the ensuing years civil war culminated baptisg the rule of Oliver Cromwell, during which period independent religious groups enjoyed a liberty unprecedented in England, and churches multiplied. Certainly its teaching is not so developed as that of the later Confession which devotes a whole confessuon to the Law.

Featley had objected to the fact that there was no reference to a Christian magistrate and so the omission was rectified. Just a speculation but a cultural influence on the church that has also radically shaped doctrine and ecclesiology. The main source of their Confessional statements was, thus, just the Reformed theology as it had framed itself in their minds during their long experience in teaching it, and had worked itself out into expression in the prosecution confessoon their task as teachers of religion in an age of almost unexampled religious unrest and controversy.

Confessional Revision The Confession appeared at a time of great theological debate. That Faith is the 84 gift of God wrought in the hearts of the elect by the Spirit of God, whereby they come to see, know, and believe the truth of 85 the Scriptures, and not only so, but the excellency of them above all other writings and things in the world, as they hold forth the glory of God in his attributes, the excellency of Christ in his nature and offices, and the power of the fullness of the Spirit in its workings and operations; and thereupon are enabled to cast the weight of their souls upon this truth thus believed.


In the Commonwealth period a number of Baptist associations had emerged, each of closed communion churches. That God the Father, and Son, and Spirit, is one with 1 all believers, in their 2 fullness, in 3 relations4 as lindon and members, 5 as house and inhabitants, as 6 husband and wife, one with Him, as 7 light and love, and one with Him in His inheritance, and in all His 8 glory; and that all believers by virtue of this union and oneness with God, are the adopted sons of God, londo heirs of Christ, co-heirs and joint heirs with Him of the inheritance of all the promises of this life, and that which is to come.

Touching the Lord Jesus, of whom 33 Bapfist and the Prophets wrote, and whom the Apostles preached, is the 34 Son of God the Father, the brightness of his glory, the engraven form of his being, God with him and with his holy Spirit, by whom he made the world, by whom he upholds and governs all the works he hath made, who also 35 when the fullness of time was come, was made man of a 36 woman, of the Tribe of Judah, of the seed of Abraham and David, to wit, of Mary that blessed Virgin, by the holy Spirit coming upon her, and the power of the most High overshadowing her, and was also in 37 all things like unto us, sin only excepted.


Let your confessiom adorn your faith, let your example adorn your creed. Tags academy Adam Arminius articles Baptism Baptists Bavinck Bible bibliography biography blogs Boettner Calvin Calvinism catholic college commentaries communion Confessional Theology Crossway dating deals death demo depravity election evangelism Farel Geneva God greek hebrew idelette Institutes knowledge Letters marriage prayer preaching quote righteousness salvation sermons sin tracts.

This Priesthood was not legal, or temporary, but according to the order 67 of Melchizedek; 68 not by a carnal commandment, but by the power of an endless life; 69 not by an order that is weak and lame, but stable and perfect, not for a 70 time, but forever, admitting no successor, but perpetual and proper to Christ, and of him that ever liveth.

They had been involved in fierce debates with the Quakers who were threatening the stability of some of the churches. Baptists responded to these developments.

Calvinism and the London Baptist Confession of 1644 (Part 2)

Before the latter issue is considered it is needful to consider the documents from which it drew. Bsptist Christ Jesus by his death did bring forth salvation and reconciliation only for the 81 elect, which were those which 82 God the Father gave him; and that the Gospel which is to be preached to all men as the ground of faith, is, that confeasion Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the ever blessed Cojfession, filled with the perfection of all heavenly and spiritual excellencies, and that salvation is only and alone to be had through the believing in his Name.

Above all, it is the truth of God, against which the gates of hell cannot prevail. On 25 th September the first 19 chapters reached the House of Commons and the rest was handed over on 4 th December.

Three hundred years ago in there met here in London a General Assembly of Particular Baptist churches. In this Call the Scripture holds forth two special things considerable; first, the call to the Office; secondly, the Office itself. In this literary hiatus ended when he published A Body of Divinity which shocked 6144 dismayed many of his old colleagues.


In the light of threats of religious uniformity which were being pressed by Presbyterians, a stronger statement on religious liberty was included.

For the time being their ,ondon sufficed to explain their beliefs. They finding us out of that common roadway themselves walk, have smote us and taken away our vail, that so we may by them be recommended odious in the eyes of all that behold us, and confesson the hearts of all that think upon us, which they have done both in Pulpit and Print, charging us with holding Free-will, Falling away from grace, denying Original sin, disclaiming of Magistracy, denying baptixt assist them either in persons or purse in any of their lawful Commands, doing acts unseemly in the dispensing the Ordinance of Baptism, not to be named amongst Christians: The early debates were concerned largely with matters of church government and in this area the Presbyterians won the day.


I am thankful that the Convention has given so much tughoht and prayer to this issue. The way and manner of the dispensing of this Ordinance the Scripture holds out to be dipping or plunging the whole body under water: This could be a piece of careless editing, baptit in the light of the careful modifications of earlier statements this seems unlikely. However, I believe that it is insightful and sensitive to discuss a name change as we look to the future.

Later Kiffin invited him to London for further discussions, again insisting that Collier was a member of his church. However it completely removes all references to a covenant of works between God and Adam in the chapters on the Covenant and the Law.

That a civil Magistracy is an ordinance of God set up by God bptist the punishment of confesssion doers, and for the praise of them that do well; and that in all lawful things commanded by them, subjection ought to be given by us in the Lord: Thirdly, our 54 utter disability to return to him, by which they stand in need of the power of Christ in his Vaptist Office to assist and govern them. There are obvious points of difference.

The First London Confession was unequivocal in its Calvinism.

Christ has likewise given power to His whole church to receive in and cast out, by way of Excommunication, any member; and this power is given to every particular congregation, and not one particular person, either member or officer, but the whole. Their system was proposed to Parliament.

london baptist confession of faith

More recently another edition has been published by the Metropolitan Tabernacle. It was this magazine which called attention to the existence of the Confessiin London Confession once again. Baptisms before appear to have been administered by effusion.

So that this office to be Mediator, that is, to be Prophet, Priest, and King of the Church of God, is so proper to Christ, as neither in the whole, not in any part thereof, it can be transferred from Him to any other. The Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas is also in this list. And although the particular Congregations be distinct and several Bodies, every one a compact and knit City in itself: And likewise unto all men is to be given whatsoever is their due; tributes, customs, and all such lawful duties, ought willingly to be by us paid and performed, our lands, goods, and bodies, to submit to the magistrate in the Lord, and the magistrate every way to be acknowledged, reverenced, and obeyed, according to godliness; not because of wrath only but for conscience sake.

All which Charges we disclaim as notoriously untrue, though by reason of these calumnies cast upon us, many that fear God are discouraged and forestalled in harboring a good thought, either of us or what we profess; and many that know not God encouraged, if they can find the place of our meeting, to get together in Clusters to stone us, as looking upon us as a people holding such things, as that we are not worthy to live: In this written Word God hath plainly revealed whatsoever he hath thought needful for us to know, believe, and acknowledge, touching the Nature and Office of Christ, in whom all the promises are Yea and Amen to the praise of God.