LEY 16998 PDF

LEY 16998 PDF

Decreto Supremo de 24 de mayo de elevado a ley el 8 de diciembre de por el de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad . Se exceptúan del período de prueba previsto en el artículo 13 de la ley general del trabajo de 2 de agosto de , ley general de higiene, seguridad. General Labour Act (Ley General del Trabajo), of 8 December , published by . 16, on hygiene, occupational safety and wellbeing §8.

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Act of 27 June to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance. Act of 3 October on Voluntary Work. Act of 25 January on execution of penal sanctions. Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 22 March on the application of penal sanctions, detention and other measures Text No. Act of 6 August on Offences. Amends article 12 on the procedure for laying complaints and article 23 on types of sanctions. Defines basic terms related to voluntary work, conditions, principles, rights and duties of volunteer and organizer of voluntary work, conditions of contract-making etc.

Amends article 7 on names, article 9 on conditions to start associations, articles 14 and 21 on merging and dividing associations, article 32 on register, and article 47 on financial reports. Act of May 1st elevating to Law rank: Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 21 February to amend and supplement the Act on mediation in employment and social security of the unemployed Text No. Determines the definition of offence, conditions, sanctions, responsibility, procedures, and penal sanctions.

Sixty days Extension There is not extension provided for multiple births. Act of 25 November on civil servants Official Gazette No. Defines the role of different levels of government, including the federal Ministry, individual entities’ organs, and local government.

Act of 25 December to amend and supplement the Act on public service in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Defines organization and structure of adult education, educational programmes, educators and qualifications, working of the monitoring body of adult education. Nursing facilities The Labour Code establishes a duty in the head of employers with more than fifty workers to maintain nursing rooms.

Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 3 November to amend and supplement the Act on employment of foreign citizens and persons without citizenship.

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Act on the Administration of the Republic No. Amends article 8 on judges, article 10 on arbitration, article 74 on confiscating objects planned to be used in criminal lwy, article on international people trafficking, article on smuggling of migrants, article on torture, and article on bribe.


Act No of December the 6th of http: Removes articlesandand amends articles 51, 52, 53 on composition of register of insured persons. Amends inter alia article 7 on public information, article 9 on network of health institutions, article 36 on primary health care, article 41 and 42 on definition of health institutions, articles60, 63 and 67 on different types of health institutions, article on health inspections.

Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 27 June to amend and supplement the Act on pension and disability insurance. Act of 11 February on bankruptcy procedure Official Gazette No.

Defines general directions for the development of vocational training by identifying the role of the Ministry of Education and educational institutions. Provides, inter alia, for cooperation in the field lley education, health and social policy, protection leyy civil rights and liberties.

Act of 31 January to amend and supplement the Act on police personnel Text No. Amends inter alia articles Contains a number of small amendments, including part 4 on prohibition measures, and article on detention.

Also contains provisions on the rights of victims, health protection, repatriation procedures, and special protection for children.

One hundred percent of minimum wage plus seventy percent of the difference between minimum wage and regular earnings Financing of benefits Social insurance system. Determines basic rights 19698 consumers of goods and services, protection of safety of life and health of consumers, responsibility and guarantee for goods and services, services of general economic interests, penal lsy and supervision and other relevant questions.

Articles 87, 89,and include amendments to the right of pensions of certain categories of persons, and provide for increase in pensions for categories of war veterans.

Contains provisions regarding the entry of foreigners, conditions for the approval of entry, letters of invitationfinancial means, travel documents for foreigners, types of stay including temporary stay, different types of 16998 for employment and study and permanent stay, request for stay, its prolongation and denial of request, as well as necessary identification documents required for foreigners.

Act of 13 January to amend and supplement the Act on civil service in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Act of 6 August on Offences.

NATLEX Browse Country Profiles – Bolivia, Plurinational State of – Basic laws

Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 21 December on voluntary work. The minimum wage is to be paid in cases determined by the General Collective Agreement which is included in the Decision.


Determines the status of persons who report corruption, the procedure of their protection, and penal provisions. However, as it was already mentioned, female working hours shall not exceed 40 hours per week.

Contains provisions on execution of sentences, prison 116998, penal procedures, security measures, punishment for juvenile offenders, and the organization and work of institutions implementing penal sanctions. Act of 28 November to amend the Act on Higher Education.

Regulates the system of social care, users and their rights, procedure and conditions for obtaining rights, operations of institutions, employment in the field of social care, financing, and supervision. Amends article 16 on annual leave, articles 18 and 19 on special leave, article 48 on work transfer, and other minor amendments. General Labour Act Leave in case of sickness of the child Not provided General Labour Act Dangerous or unhealthy work General It is forbidden to women and minors under 18 years old to perform hazardous, painful or harmful work to their health or moral.

Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 4 March to amend and supplement the Act on principles of social protection, protection of civilian victims of the war and protection of families with children Text no.

Act of 27 April to amend and supplement the Act on the application of penal sanctions, detention and other measures Text No. Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Reglamento, Decreto, Orden, Ordenanza Regulation of 12 September on obtaining the right to work for persons granted international protection in Bosnia and Herzegovina Text No.

Bolivia – Maternity protection – 2011

Los dirigentes gozan de fuero sindical. Act 61998 4 April on professional rehabilitation and employment of disabled persons. Contains a number of amendments, inter alia, article 1 on basic provisions and definitions, article 8 on implementation, article 10 on under-age offenders, article 42 on prison sentences and article on financing and support of terrorist activities. Bosnia y Herzegovina – – Ley Act of 4 July on financing of political parties.

Lista valorativa de incapacidades Lista valorativa de lesiones que dan lugar a incapacidad permanente parcial, por accidente de trabajo o enfermedad profesional.