THE TEMPLATE FOR THE ENTIRE PLINTH IS ALL. ON THIS PLINTH. FOR LENCO L 75 TURNTABLE YOU WILL NEED TO DO TWO THINGS TO THE L Used Lenco Plinth for sale on + second hand hifi sites & shops. Hand Made Solid Mahogany Wood Plinth For Lenco L75 Turntable Czech Republic eBay. “The Lenco doesn’t need a plinth in order to be Great, it is inherently Great. The plinth just brings it to a higher level. If you were to buy a Lenco.

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This is the replacement plinth from the bottom: Look here for details. First thing to do was to plug it in and start the turntable. If you get really stuck and after a ‘swop things around a bit to see if it helps’ doesn’t help, then drop me a pm.

Metal sheets glued to the rear of top plate with Araldite. I fact I had several hours of listening From the eBay pix, the motor suspension is as lenvo was when it left the factory. He had a tough job making the best of it. My last turntable was a Dual so the Lenco is an improvement with the original plinth.


Thus, some day I’ll take the whole thing apart, sand the top plate and fill the holes with a metal filler and have it spray-painted by a kenco.

Lenco Plinths

September 03, Maybe they look similar! Chris, Did you read this before you started the project?

July 23, Made from HQ plywood, veneer zebrawood and is covered with natural oil of the highest quality. This page was last updated: More Lenco L75 Here a plinth made for my friend Michael. Click image to view large. I suggest you work out why it is happening before any remedial action. I like those that plibth the best!

With the plinth in the photo, the metal top-plate sits on the 4 rubber grommets and is held down by two screws into the front and rear central wood blocks, respectively. Before buy, check out the images in t Here is what it looked like with my replacement platter mat on it: Lenco Heaven 10th Anniversary Approaches!

Before taking back the turntable I added some washers to the counterweight to balance the Canary and had a quick listen. The blobs of green paint on the three securing nuts look undisturbed.

The magnetic damping of the counter balance is excellent. There being more weight to the left motor end than to the right pickup-arm endthe four springs will not be identical.


Lenco Plinth: Consumer Electronics | eBay

This all work very well. Maybe two longer and two shorter and they are I think supposed to fit a certain way round. I used sand paper and acetone to clean off any residual paint. BTW, it’s 6 layers of Baltic Birch Plywood that are glued and screwed together, and which I’ve rounded off the sharp edges with my router.

Springs, per seare not a bad thing, I am building assembling a Goldring GL59 which has man springs to isolate the turntable from its environs.

It’s sounds slightly darker, which is always a good sign because it means reduced distortion. You could dispense with the springs, inserting wood blocks to keep the base board away from the motor and the spindle bearing.

Hand Cut Records Company. Before buy, check out the images in the google what you want to buy.

Look oenco for details. This takes quite some time cutting all sorts of weird shapes. He sold the Acoustic with no regrets, to put it mildly. The Lenco is up to the task.