Monkey Pot. Lecythis pisonis. a.k.a. Sapucaia. Woody fruit, much like the brazil nut fruit, containing several large seeds (nuts) which are eaten raw or cooked. Brief summary. No one has contributed a brief summary to this page yet. Explore what EOL knows about Lecythis pisonis. Add a brief summary to this page. BACKGROUND: Lecythis pisonis Cambess is commonly known as “castanha de sapucaia” in Brazil. Chemical composition studies revealed.

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Berg Lecythis piisonis Miers Lecythis hoppiana R. Close-up of the flower Photograph by: Seed capsule, with cap missing Photograph by: Cap of a seed capsule Photograph by: Illustration of seeds and seedpod Photograph by: Carl Friedrich Philipp von Martius Public domain.


Year ISBN Description Detailed information on 20 of the most valuable nut crops, plus more basic information on a wide range of other nut-producing plants.

It can be downloaded from the Internet.

Stunning photographs of each species, brief details on the plant, its uses and how psonis grow it from seed. A superb work, with the minor irritation that the translation from Portuguese is not of the best.

Has sections on tropical and temperate plants with edible nuts plus a section on nut plants in Britain. Readable yet also very detailed.

Neuroprotective effect of Sapucaia nuts (Lecythis pisonis)on rats fed with high-fat diet.

Publisher Kampong Publications, California. Year ISBN Description The second edition of an excellent guide to the edible uses of plants, though it does not give any details of cultivation etc. Kecythis Plants Database, Ken Fern. Type the digit seven into the box.

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