Lama Chopa PDF -The existence of the complete Buddhist path to enlightenment in our world depends solely upon those who have generated both the. During the practice of Lama Chopa, we invoke all the lamas of the graduated path lineage beginning with Shakyamuni Buddha himself. Speaking on the importance of Guru Puja, also known as Lama Chöpa, Lama Zopa Rinpoche recounted the words of the great enlightened.

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Suggested donations for both members and non-members are listed below, but please — give what you’re comfortable with! We pay homage to them, make offerings, and request each of them to please bless our minds with the same realizations that they themselves have generated. Mon-Fri 12am to 9pm. The existence of the complete Buddhist path to enlightenment in our world depends solely upon those who have generated both the intellectual understanding of the teachings and the realizations of the path within their minds.

It contains the essential additional prayers recommended by Lama Zopa Rinpoche.

We usually see ourselves as ordinary people in a polluted environment, surrounded by so many problems and so much suffering and ignorance. To make a donation or discover other ways you can support the center, click on the green button above or visit our Practicing Generosity page.

The Lama Chopa or “Guru Puja” is a chanted group prayer practice that incorporates all of the most essential teachings of the Buddha — everything required to achieve Enlightenment.

Information regarding what you can expect when laka the center, Dharma etiquette, the center’s sacred artwork, and more can be found on our Resources page. We are pleased to announce a new eBook edition of the Lama Chopa without the Jorcho practices.


And, then we visualize around us all of the countless unenlightened beings who are suffering. We imagine what it would be like to be an Enlightened being or a Buddha, seated in a Buddhaverse in a sky filled with Enlightened teachers. For directions, accessibility information, parking instructions, and other details you may find helpful for your visit, please visit our Contact oama. The Guhyasamaja Center is open for classes choa events and sometimes silent meditation. For more information about all our funds and special projects in need of financial support, the center’s donation policy, tax deductible information, membership details, volunteer opportunities and other ways you can support the center, chpa visit our Practicing Generosity page.

During the practice of Lama Chopa, we invoke all the lamas of the graduated path lineage beginning with Shakyamuni Buddha himself, extending to our present direct teachers who have shown us the path.

Lama Chopa (Guru Puja)

Participants are invited to bring fresh fruit or healthy snacks as an offering. By offering sincere, heartfelt requests, we make our minds ripe to receive the full blessings of this precious lineage chopaa quickly actualize the realizations we need to attain enlightenment.

Every second of this human life is more precious than skies of wish-granting jewels.

This email address is being protected from spambots. We vhopa registered as a non-profit c 3 organization: Copies of the puja are provided. Please contact our This la,a address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. You have the option of dropping cash or check into the donation box onsite don’t forget to grab a tax receipt! New Lama Chopa eBook. We humbly offer you the opportunity to practice generosity by helping to make the Buddha’s teachings available in our community.


During the Lama Chopa, we actively cultivate a different world view — an Enlightened perspective. If you’re able, please make a donation for classes and other events — it’s even tax deductible! Most suitable for practicing Buddhists and non-Buddhists already familiar with foundational Lamma concepts; no registration is required.

If you’d like to contribute but are unable to make a financial donation, please don’t worry — no one will ever be turned away for financial reasons!

Lama Chopa (Guru Puja)

Lama Chopa Guru Puja. The Guhyasamaja Center P. Don’t forget to rejoice in your good deeds and dedicate the positive potential generated to the completion of something lqma meaningful to you! Those who have done this are the lineage lamas.

You can also make a one-time donation online using the button below; repeat as often as you like! Designed by Savvy Gents Web Development. If we wish to experience realizations quickly, the practice of Lama Chopa is indispensable. Please visit our Contact page for additional details, including info on our Board Members and management.

And there are many other ways you can help support the teachings. There are also visiting hours by appointment only.