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Once upon a time there was a Republic. What we learned from this man, a ‘hero’ who fought only against unarmed and handcuffed men, gives us an idea of what could have been learned at the Lz if I had not been isolated from the proceedings. And so they devised a plan by which they could eliminate me from the trial and they proceeded to do just that, manu militari. Without telling anyone, Code in one hand and a deposition in the ahsolvera, that citizen went to the old city building, that old building which housed the Court competent and under obligation to bring cause against and punish abaolvera responsible for this deed.

After settling the one hundred thousand small farmers as owners on the land which they previously rented, a revolutionary government would immediately proceed to settle the land problem. On the very day of my arrest I publicly assumed the responsibility for our armed movement of July 26th. It was the same throughout the province.

Historis divided his Inferno into nine circles. But the gestures of this minority have been of little consequence, drowned as they were by the obsequious and fawning majority.

History Will Absolve Me

Amazon Restaurants Food delivery from local restaurants. This attitude could not be clearer nor more free of vacillation and sterile charlatanry. Any unjustified suspicion, any gossip, any intrigue, historua denunciation, is sufficient to bring transfer, dishonorable discharge or imprisonment. I am going to make only one request of this court; I trust it will be granted as a compensation for the many abuses and outrages the accused has had to tolerate without protection of the law.

Let me mention two important facts that hidtoria an objective judgement of our attitude.


Fidel’s defense statement “La Historia me absolverá” will be remembered today

I deplore only the fact that valiant absopvera should fall for an evil cause. He had to add the treason of March,the crimes of July,and all the millions that only time will reveal. Everybody knows he was a victim of repressive agents. The sadists, brutes, conveyors of all the ancestral atavisms go about in aboslvera guise of human beings, but they are monsters, only more or less restrained by discipline and social habit.

The Honorable Prosecutor has supplied not a word in support of his petition. Since the prosecutor’s petition was restricted to the mere reading of five lines of an article of the Social Defense Code, might they suppose that I too would limit myself to those same lines and circle round them like some slave turning a millstone? Should she cower before one group and furiously wield that sword against another group, then to the people of Cuba the maiden of justice will seem nothing more than a prostitute brandishing a dagger.

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Touch my heart with your cold hands! By that time the slaughter of prisoners had ceased as a result absoolvera the people’s protest.

Not even the vestal virgins of Rome had to abide by such a rule!

Later this man didn’t have the slightest qualms in bragging about his unspeakable ,e. A false honor, a feigned honor, an apparent honor based on lies, hypocrisy and crime; a mask of honor molded by those assassins with blood.

He was a generous and competent man who would have given the same devoted care to the wounded adversary as to a friend. Four political parties governed the country before the 10th of March: These are still fresh in our memory, but someday when years have passed, when the skies of the nation have cleared once more, when tempers have calmed and fear no longer torments our spirits, then we will begin to see the magnitude of this massacre in all its shocking dimension, and future generations will be struck with horror when they look back on these acts of barbarity unprecedented in our history.

East Dane Designer Men’s Fashion. To them, justice is symbolized by a maiden with a scale and a sword in her hands. Everyone agrees with the urgent need to industrialize the nation, that we need steel industries, paper and chemical industries, that laa must improve our cattle and grain production, the technology and processing in our food industry in order to defend ourselves against the ruinous competition from Europe in cheese products, condensed milk, liquors and edible oils, and the United States in canned goods; that we need cargo ships; that tourism should be an enormous source of revenue.


The 10th of March was a miserable deception, yes Golden calves cannot perform miracles of any kind. They have tried to establish the myth that modern arms render the people helpless in overthrowing tyrants.

Once again, with absolverz cause of justice on our side, we would wage the terrible battle of truth against infamy!

I must clarify the fact that I do not for a moment doubt the courage of those men; they experienced great anguish and desperation when they realized they were lost.

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The terrain was completely unknown to us. Because of the type of historiaa it was and because the contending forces were wearing identically colored uniforms, it was not easy for these men to re-establish contact with us. Preceded by an advance group of eight who had forced Gate Three, I arrived with the first group of 45 men.

If there had been an iota of truth in even one of the many statements the Dictator made against our fighters in his speech of July 27th, it would have been enough to undermine the moral impact of my case.

Just as I admire the courage of the soldiers who died bravely, I also admire the officers who bore themselves with dignity and did not drench their hands in this blood.

I have heard prosecutors speak ten times longer in a simple narcotics case asking for a sentence of just six months. This decision, overheard by the sergeant and reported by him to his superior, provoked a real panic.