KŪṬADANTA SUTTA, translated by T. W. Rhys Davids WHOEVER put this Sutta together must have been deeply imbued with the spirit of. Kutadanta’s Question. Brahman Kutadanta is prepaing to perform an abundant sacrifice. A lot of bulls, cows, goats and rams are brought to the. Now at that time the brahmin Kūṭadanta was living in Khāṇumata. It was a crown property given by King Seniya Bimbisāra of Magadha, teeming with living .

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And the staves and messengers and workmen there employed were driven neither by rods nor fear, nor carried on their work weeping with tears upon their faces. Anathapindika visits the Buddha, who tells him of the five guilty fears—that begotten by killin While the king is performing the great sacrifice, someone might say: He teaches the efficacy of deeds and action.

Then the Buddha describes the stages of meditative maturation, right up to the achievement of Wisdom — the destruction of rebirth. Does the venerable Gotama admit that he who celebrates such a sacrifice, or causes it to be celebrated, is reborn at the kutdanta of the body, after death, into some state of happiness in heaven?

Let the venerable ones give their sanction to what will be to me for weal and welfare for many days. Then the Buddha educated, encouraged, fired up, and inspired him with a Dhamma talk, after which he got up from his seat and left. How kutaxanta settle the point? And therefore are such perpetual gifts above the other sort of sacrifice.

And all the world co-operates in adding its share to the largesse of food, on strict vegetarian principles, in which, alone, the sacrifice consists. With ghee, and oil, and butter, and milk, and honey, and sugar only was that sacrifice accomplished. Then The Blessed One discoursed to Kutadanta The Brahman in due order; that is to say, he spake to him of generosity, of right conduct, of heaven, of the danger, the vanity, and the defilement of lusts, of the advantages of renunciation.

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How could they have done so if the Indians of that time had been, as is so often asserted of them by European writers, more deeply addicted to all manner of ritual than any other nation under heaven, more superstitious, more averse to change in religious ceremonial?

Though the Buddhists did not accept this extreme position, there would seem therefore to be no valid reason for doubting the accuracy of the Buddhist tradition that their view of sacrifice was based on a very ancient belief which was, in fact, common ground to the wise, whether inside or outside, the ranks of the Brahmans. The amount then existing of such lore was too small to make a fair proficiency in it incompatible with other knowledge.

The Brahman of our Sutta wants to know the three modes in which the ritual is to be performed. As in the previous sutta, the mayor, if we may use that word, goes up to his verandah for the mid-afternoon nap, clearly the norm at the time.

Kutadanta Sutta, Kūtadanta-sutta: 1 definition

He went forth, leaving a great body of kinsmen. Remember settings Select this to remember these settings next time you visit SuttaCentral. And when he was thus seated The Blessed One instructed and aroused and incited and gladdened Kutadanta The Brahman with religious discourse; and then arose from his seat and departed thence.

Many Devas and humans are devoted to him. He knows the meaning of whatever is said, saying: It would be well for me to go to the Samana Gotama, wutta ask him about it. At the conclusion of the discourse Kutadanta declares himself to be a follower of the Buddha.

Kutadanta Sutta

Brahmin, I wish to perform a great sacrifice. Having come to Gaggara’s lotus-pond, the ascetic Gotama is such a guest, and should be treated as such.

A lot of bulls, cows, goats and rams are brought to the sacrificial pillar. The Vedic sacrifices, of animals, had practically been given up when the long struggle between Brahmanism and Buddhism reached its close.


It is impossible not to see that to the early tellers and hearers of these legends, always striking, often with a special beauty of their own, the unreality of the whole thing was just as evident, and was meant to be as evident, as it is now to us.

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DN 5: With Kūṭadanta—Bhikkhu Sujato

For example, The people starve because the privileged ones eat too much. After the early use of the word in some such sense as Nature-lore, folk-lore, there is a tone of unreality over all the statements we have. The offering itself should be made only with purified cow butter gheesesame oil, fresh butter, curd cheese, honey and molasses.

It is not necessary to suppose that either.

Asking the reason, his steward tells him that they are going to see the Buddha. Then those people, kuadanta intent in their own occupations, will not harm the kingdom.

He was astute and clever, being the first or second to hold the sacrificial ladle. The ascetic Gotama has arrived in Khanumata and is staying at Ambalatthika. For the king does indeed possess the eight factors. The jutadanta suggests that this is the story told by the Buddha to Suhta Pasenadi of Kosala in the Samyutta Nikaya 3. And relying on your plan my revenue is now great. From the commentary, though not the text, we hear that the King finally desisted from his intention.