Kubbeyi Yere Koymamak / Turgut Cansever. 2 likes. Book. Cansever, T. () Kubbeyi Yere Koymamak, Istanbul: Timaş. Çaylı, E. () “ Diyarbakır’s ‘Witness Sites’ and Discourses on the ‘Kurdish Question’ in Turkey,”. Cansever, Turgut, Kubbeyi Yere Koymamak (Istanbul, ) i, Islamda Sehir ve Mimari (Istanbul, ) Cecen, Anil, Halkevleri (Ankara, ). Celik.

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Log In Sign Up. Printed and bound in Turkey. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior written permission of the authors.

Gelmiş Bulundum

Oto Sanayi Sitesi Donanma Sok. O ttoman society was an Islamic Society. Islam insisted on the requisite for man to beautify his surroundings as a central tenet of its kohmamak to beautify the world.

For the Ottomans, there was a desire for the city to be the place where beauty should be lived and experienced. Turgut Cansever Kubbeyi Yere Koymamak, sf.

In the frame of this studio, students were required to compose an atlas of Istanbul and define their approachs on the problems of the city. We are pleased to share their work with you hereafter. W hile studying the different aspects of cemeteries in Istanbul, came the idea to replicate these qualities within the dense urban fabric of the city.


With cemeteries and Ottoman yre as a source of inspiration, we aspired to create unique spaces in Istanbul where one can escape the chaos and enjoy these small pieces of paradise. Protected by a thick walls, these gardens act as heterotopias in the sense that one not only passes through a physical barrier but also through a metaphorical one.

Cansever, Turgut 1921-2009

With the city continuing its exponential growth, and the ratio of green areas to population already negligible, it seems vital to not only acknowledge the importance of the existing green spaces such as cemeteries, but also to recreate these insularities, even in the most trivial of sites, that allow the city of Istanbul to press pause and take a breath.

Istanbul is unfortunately unknown in the occidental world and too rarely studied and understood in Turkey. After finishing his architecture studies at Istanbul State Academy of Fine Arts inTurgut Cansever attendent a doctorate program at Istanbul University on history of art until Beside his academic career, Cansever has been an active defender of the historical patrimony, consultant for municipalities and a creative architect whom merged the Ottoman tradition with the modernist language.

His career has been highlighted by three Aga Khan Awards. For the past two years she has focused her work on urban density, and especially public spaces and flows. Born in the west of France, Camille Rupin came to Paris to study literature, before integrating the School of Architecture of Versailles in Interested in the experimental and collaborative making of the city, she has been involved with different architecture collectives such as EXYZT and Bellastock in their works on public space.


She is currently writing a thesis about citizen participation in the production of public spaces in the metropolis of the Grand Paris.

Turgut Cansever (Author of İslâm’da Şehir ve Mimarî)

For her graduate project, she is currently working on the revitalisation of an old fishing koymmaak located near the city center of Sfax in Tunisia. Played with words, edited publications.

Trapped between time and space of a post neo-liberal nostalgia. Armed with private internal mission. Walked around concrete surfaces of contemporary architecture to the ruins of an abonded world exhibition. Sinan Logie started to experiment the city and architecture in the streets of Ankara with his skateboard around After having experimented different scales such as furniture, architecture and urban planning in Belgium, Logie moved to Istanbul in ; where he pursues his architectural and arstistic researches.

His research book on urban spread, Istanbul co-written with Yoann Morvan, will be published by B2 publishers in Paris, fall Remember me on this computer.

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