read the help section on adding an animation to your web page. Tutorials and More Help Topics. You can view examples created with KoolMoves by going to. KoolMoves and KoolShow, Html5 animation software, combine ease-of-use with powerful effects for creating high quality Html5, GIF, AVI, MP4, and SWF. Your Kool Moves movie can be placed on a web page within a layer with the background set to transparent allowing your HTML page background color, text.

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Added an error message when a component skin can’t be found. Added a dialog, listing necessary files for the server on Html5 export.

Added an option to embed an imported swf in object’s property popup. Office XP is also an attractive look. Fixed x position of multi-line text which is not left-aligned in Html5 export.

Support for KoolMoves Html5 animation software

Fixed a number of other issues. Added koolmovves to set the skin for a dynamic text scroll bar exported as Flash 9 or higher. Added additional context help and koolmovees others.


Fixed bug associated with Go to Url action for AS3 export. Fixed sprite sheet file path saved in fun file as absolute path instead of relative path. Fixed some omissions in movie dependencies screen. Replaced floating Tools window with a dockable window.

Fixed storyboard display when zoom isn’t equal to one. Added temporary saving of start and end frames in “Play Portion of Movie” dialog. Fixed problem when an additional segment to a quadratic motion path is created and it reverts to a linear motion path.

Increased limit on number of AS3 namespaces for swf export containing AS3 code. There is still an issue with right-justified, rotated text. Added movie clip icon to right toolbar for Html5 export. Added links to support page tutorials for some of the context help pages. Fixed problem with binary items in symbol library not being removed when a new project is opened. Updated Configure Wizard and fixed some problems.

Improved Morph to Key Frame behavior — no longer requires extending movie with additional blank frames.

Changed title of Properties popup to “Nothing Selected” if no object is currently selected. Fixed export of bold and italic text for CreateJS Html5 export. Motion paths linear or curved can be applied to canvas elements. Fixed problem with sprite sheet files not being added to the list of required files.


Please read below for more details.

Added ability to animate individual text characters for Html5 export using textillate. Added name of selected object to status bar. And even if you do not script, AS3 gives a major behind-the-scenes boost tutoriao many aspects of KoolMoves, e.

Kool Clip-Art Tutorials

Fixed a problem with exporting action script containing XML under certain situations. Fixed minor problem with rotation effect for CreateJS Html5 export.

Increased height of preview browser popup to avoid scrollbars in Html5 export. Added custom javascript frame and button actions for CreateJS Html5 export. Import from a rich set of graphic and video formats.