prof. dr hab. Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk . KRYZYSY W PROCESIE INTEGRACJI EUROPEJSKIEJ Urzędu Komitetu Integracji Europejskiej”, nr Alojzy Nowak, Konstanty Adam Wojtaszczyk, Łukasz Zamęcki K. Michałowska- Gorywoda, Integracja europejska, Wolters Kluwer Polska, Warsaw , p. Integracja w dezintegracji i dezintegracja w integracji: determinanty mechanizmów integracyjnych w Unii Europejskiej. Authors. Curyło Barbara . WOJTASZCZYK Konstanty Adam, NADOLSKA Jadwiga (red.) (), Kryzysy w procesie.

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This answer is the highest possible score on a four point scale. Games Governments Play in Brussels, London.

The importance of constraints in legislative bargaining, w: The table below provides a summary of key operationalizations. In short, Huntington argues that modernization almost always leads to increased democratic expectations within the society. Gra yna Ulicka Uniwersytet Warszawski Systemy polityczne: Thus, I put forward the following research question: Lenin, with a striking sincerity, admitted that his revolutionary plans would have fallen through if the prime minister Stolypin had succeeded in reforming Russia and creating a strong afflu- ent middle class Essence and Evolution, The Hague.

Democracy and Extreme Confidence in Government: Without a doubt, economic development measured by GDP per capita is one of the strongest predictor of democracy.

Howe- ver, his research was based on a different sample and a set of different theoretical premises. Interestingly, however, historical evi- dence points to the fact that democracies are established when citizens start displaying a limited confidence in government.

Is the extreme confidence in the government negatively correlated with the level of democracy? Log In Sign Up. Huntington20 also adheres to the socioeconomic paradigm, despite using a notion europemska modernization rather than class struggle. Grzegorz Rydlewski Uniwersytet Warszawski tematyczni Badania wschodnie: Welzel, Inglehart, and Newton all employ the attitudinal approach.


Secondly, it is very similar to the popular and widely used Freedom House Index33 in its findings. Tomasz Grzegorz Grosse red. Naturally, using measures of confidence in government means that the study assumes that every regime, even an undemocratic one, repre- sents3 the beliefs, interests, and values of the citizens in a certain form. Bowler, To Know it is to Integrscja it? Whereas, Emanuel Todd in a well-k- nown critique of the American political regime24 describes family models as the key cultural factors explaining the differences among political regimes.

konstanty wojtaszczyk integracja europejska pdf creator – PDF Files

Extreme con- fidence in government is the independent variable and the 54 states are the units of analysis. Wojciech Jakubowski Uniwersytet Warszawski Integracja europejska: Both the extreme confidence in govern- ment and democracy index have been displayed on a scale from 1 to Controlling for GDP per capita decreases the beta coefficient for extreme confidence in government because there is a negative correlation between those two variables —0.

As Elliott Abrams notes: Finally, Putnam himself sees a certain dark side of the overgrown social capital and he tries to show that there is a fine line between confidence and blind trust. Jan Garlicki Uniwersytet Warszawski Ruchy spo eczne: This means that they hypothesize that the democracy and its quality is to a large extent dependent on social attitudes.

konstanty wojtaszczyk integracja europejska pdf creator

The study conclu- des that countries whose citizens display a lot of extreme confidence in government tend to be undemocratic or their democracies are seriously flawed. This implies a key premise which states that mass attitudes influence the likelihood of developing and maintaining a democratic form of government.

The mean percentage of respondents expressing extreme confidence in government in flawed democracies is Remember me on this computer. Theoretically, these studies are supported by the earlier publications of Almond and Verba15 as well as Eckstein Polska i Europa Urszula Kurcewicz. The mean percentage of respondents expressing extreme con- fidence in government in hybrid regimes is This provides a strong support of the hypothesis that a certain level of civic criticism and distrust of the government is necessary for sustaining democracy.


Inglehart, Modernization and Postmodernization: Simon Bulmer, Christian Lequesne red. Karp, Banducci, and Bowler,17 for instance, attri- bute the confidence in government and satisfaction with democracy in European Union to concrete financial costs and benefits.

This is in part because of the dif- ficulty with finding reliable data, especially, gathered in undemocratic countries. And he proposes an answer: The regression coefficient score for the extreme confidence when controlling for GDP per capita is —0. Lipset, Political Man, New Yorkp. One can point to many outliers that combine robust economies with lack of democracy.

Researchers who use the economic approach try to find empirical evidence that the development of democracy can be explained by eco- nomic development.

Theory and hypothesis This study assumes an attitudinal theoretical framework. Conversely, undemocratic regimes would seem to function most efficiently if the citizens are obedient and somewhat blindly supportive of their government.

Lipset, actually, argues that the rise of certain political systems was a result of the domination of specific socioeconomic classes. Robert Thompson, Frans N. Indeed, It would seem that social capital and political capital are two different concepts. Comparison of means Group Konstahty for extreme confidence in government full democracies 4.