Project Management Body of Knowledge Agile Practice Guide Kompendium wiedzy o zarządzaniu projektami Agile software development, book PNG clipart. Kompendium wiedzy o zarządzaniu projektami (A Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge) wersja polska, Third Edition, PMI, ; 2. Davidson. Wydanie III, Robert K. Wysocki, Rudd McGary Helion / One Press, ; Kompendium wiedzy o zarządzaniu projektami (A Guide to the Project Management.

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Developing creativity in generating solutions. Time management planning Cost management planning Earned Value Method Quality managemnt methods Project procurement management.

After completion of course, students will be able to create their own dedicated solutions for common problems of Project Management 8. You are not logged in log in. Student is aware of the correct definition of the objectives of the project in terms of time, scope of work, cost, and quality of products produced in the project in order to improve organizational solutions during the project.

Students are obliged to present a project plan and simulate project execution. Student is able to interpret information and draw conclusions about project management.

Principles of Project Management

To pass students have to earn positive marks for all assessment criteria. After completion of course, students will be able to use time management techniques in the project. Assessment methods and assessment criteria:. The course provide students with knowledge, competencies and skills of preparing, planning, developing and closing a project.

After completion of course, students will be able to arrange activities in the ,ompendium to achieve the set goals.

Students gain basic knowledge about different methodologies of project management Students are familiar with PRINCE2 methodology and they know how to apply it in practice this methodology Students are capable of structuring project? Student can find information regarding project management in the literature and specialized databases Polish and English publications available in the digital library available on the Warsaw University of Technology Library Web Page and from other sources.


Course descriptions are protected by copyright. After completion of course, students will be able to verify whether the target was achieved. During 15 hour tutorial groups of students are projekrami to prepare a project using computer application.

Able to prepare on this basis consistent presentation, formulate statements on the chosen topic and explain its position by presenting different aspects of the topic.

3,888 Software Project Management PNG cliparts for free download

After completion of course, students will be able to apply the techniques ;rojektami financial management of the project. Presentation of the possible use of different techniques for solving typical problems of Project Management. To make students familiar with theoretical knowledge about project management To develop students’ practical skills needed in project planning To develope students’ practical skills necessary in project management To make students familiar with characteristics and pecjularities of project implementation in the power sector.

Lecture The prljektami course is organised in the form of computer presentation and covers the following topics: The final mark is an average of the marks given for all results. Students have to use MS Project software to develope a schedule for a distribution network investment projketami e.

Each zqrzadzaniu 1, 2 and 3 is marked separately. Student has basic Project Management Knowledge, is able to use the. During 15 hour lecture students learn principles of project management. After completion of course, students will be familiar with contract management techniques.


Project Management Life Cycles. Critical Path Analysis 8.

II, Wydawnictwo Helion, Gliwice The final assessment is based on submitted reports presenting solutions for allocated tasks. Copyright by Warsaw University of Technology. projktami

Project Management (02 85 00)

Students solve their tasks at home. After completion of course, students will know the weidzy of quality management. The College of Economics and Social Sciences. Achieving all the intended learning outcomes for the subject of Basics of Management. After completion of course, students will be able to use techniques for effective decision-making.

Tasks are solved individually and every student is given one problem to be solved at home.

PMBOK by Maciek Lejdward on Prezi

On the basis of solved problems students prepare and submit report, which are used to verify results 1,2, and 3. Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. Student can perform risk analysis. Initiation and Team Formation. Students know how to monitor progress in project implementation and how to evaluate project results Students are capable of using at least one project management software tool Students develop their skills in assessment and risk management, human resources management, and they develop their managerial capacity Students become aware prpjektami benefits arising p the application of management methodology and supporting tools.