1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Page 1. 14 r. 1. 11 r. 12 13 r. Boombox. Page 2. 1. 3. 1. 1. 3 r. Buoy x8 x8. 1. 4 r. 4. 1. 3 r. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. 1. Snack Shack page Water Skier page Trident page Treasure. Chest page Stingray page Shovel page Whale page Surfer. Instructions. Visit this section if you are looking for building instructions from a specific K’NEX building set. Learn More. Categories. Products · Fun & Games.

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All K’NEX pieces are non-toxic and do not contain hazardous chemicals. How can I turn parts management into a lesson for my students?

Should the time come that you were ready to give your K’NEX product away and we can’t imagine why you’d ever want to do thatManualz products can be knx. What is the best way to store K’NEX parts? The support structure, or K’NEX cubes, prevents the display models from twisting or crumbling as they get bigger.

Examples of this are: Enter this number in the field to bring up the instruction options available for your set.

Vehicles | Creative Building Toys for Kids | K’NEX |

Where are K’NEX parts made? We also encourage you to have the students build models of their own design, based on the concepts they are studying.

You can use this information to determine your particular needs. The descriptions of the K’NEX Education Sets outlined on the web site and in the catalog specify the number of students the sets support.

My account Log in Register. These curriculum materials provide lesson plans detailing how to integrate K’NEX into lessons to teach concepts such as simple machines, amusement park technology, potential and kinetic energy, space exploration, fractions, measurement, and much more. These sets allow one model to be built at a time. Beyond the lessons that are included in the various sets, there are extensive opportunities for the teacher to design creative activities that motivate and challenge students in many settings.


You can find this 5 digit code in the instructions manual you received along with your building set, or on the front panel of your box in one of the corners or in the middle of the UPC bar code for example: Be creative and devise a storage method that instructioj best for you.

How can I get replacement parts for my sets? K’NEX bricks work with other leading brick construction toy systems to expand your building possibilities. The students work independently, in teams, through the activities on the cards, using the Reference Cards for support. If you would like to use insttruction activity with an entire class of 24 nanuals 32 students, we would suggest that you purchase two of these sets.

On a weekly or bi-weekly basis, have the team count the components to determine if any are missing and make the sets orderly. If you can imagine it, you can build it. This also serves as a performance-based assessment tool. K’NEX designers let their imaginations run wild.

All businesses must keep close track of their inventory and components to ensure that they have the materials they need to make their products, fill orders for their customers and deter theft. To help you tell the two sizes apart, the micro and standard shapes are always different colors.

Enter this number in the field to find the instruction options available for your set.

Enter your K’NEX Building Set Code or Set Name

If you are missing a part from your new K’NEX set, first compare the parts you have to the list of parts in the instruction book. K’NEX Education Sets contain curriculum support materials, developed and tested by award-winning educators in classrooms across the country. I spent so much of my childhood playing with instriction. Each K’NEX Education Teacher Guide also has introductory sections that address how the curriculum is designed and suggestions for usage.


Get K’Nex Instructions Online or Download

For example with the Simple Machines Deluxe Set, if you are teaching 1st-class levers, your students can manuasl a balance, see-saw, catapult, handcart, rowboat, and scissors; all of which function in the same manner as the real-life objects they replicate. K’NEX Education Mmanuals are available through a variety of educational catalogers and home school distributors. What materials are K’NEX made from? Click on the instructions you’d like to download.

Then the groups can share what they learned with the class to establish how this idea applies to a variety of different things in the real world.

Your email address will not be published. K’NEX Education manuwls and building exercises vary in length.

Pick and choose the segments of the lesson you wish to present or do the whole lesson for a comprehensive discussion of the topic. We invite you to watch our factory tour video for a behind-the-scenes look at our manufacturing and design process. How do K’NEX designers build the big manjals models? Can K’NEX pieces be recycled?

Some K’NEX Education Sets support existing curriculum while others are so comprehensive they can completely supplant existing units in the curriculum. You will most likely not present everything included in the set to the students. You may need to spend some time reviewing the guides first to determine which topics fit into your curriculum.

The skin, or outer layer of the display, is made up of unique combinations of K’NEX parts. There is no right instructin wrong way to integrate them into your lessons.

I am sure you will find something suitable here. Explain the importance of materials management, inventory control and the need for accuracy in counting. K’NEX parts are made to last a lifetime of normal use.