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Please read this important info!!! You are not registered yet. Please click here to register! November 12th, I am currently in the process of programming this Keyence PLC for my senior design project. If I do not get this program done, I do not grauate as well as four other people. My question is how to create a counter that does a one count when it recieves a signal from a analog to digital converter. The analog siganl comes from a linear transucer sensor that moves down when a piece of chipboard is removed from a stack.

I have used unitronics software and created a counter in it before, but for some reason I cannot get a counter set up in the Keyence software. keeyence

I really need help here. Also if someone knows how to set up a timer as well, I keynce use help there. Sample KV programs and applications notes for beginners available at http: You sign-in by filling the form.

Files sent by email. BTW you didn’t indicate the type of your programming software November 13th, Assuming you’re talking about KV Ladder Builder Really useful instant-help for beginners.

Why wouldn’t you get a programming manual?? I have the programming manual, but it does not clearly state how to do this. I understand that you have to set a device for this, but I am not sure how to do this when the device is offline.

I got some of the literature from that link, but the one, i guess, with the steps on how to create a counter will not open up on my computer.


It is an Adobe file, and I have the latest version of Adobe.

Your help is appreciated. Also, do you know the correct way to wire the power source to the PLC. I know where to hook the wires to the input voltage, but it is not powering up.

I am using a 24V DC source. OK, i did what you said about setting up a counter, but every time that I do that I get a message that says operand illegal. I believe that I am getting this because the drop down box for Operand 1 does not have any choices in it. Thank you for your help. Not the best software for learning PLC programming. The KV ladder software is a little funky when it comes to setting up timers and counters, and the user documentation leaves a lot to be desired.

Your user profile indicates that you opted not to receive email, and so there is no easy way to help you. I would be more than happy to send you an example program, which will show you the best way to set up a timer, and a counter.

If you are interested email me at abarnicott earthlink. November 14th, Let’s wire your converter as input With counter number 10 and 50 as a preset value: There is no choice in the drop down box Operand 1 because no address or type is selectable.

KEYENCE Visual KV Series User Manual | pages

The INC function works on rising edges of your input rung and makes your program more easy to read since you don’t write DIFU bits for rising edges detection. Use the CMP instructions for comparisons. Keyencee PLC are quite old now and their software is not at the cuting-edge of the control engineering November 17th, Thank you to both of you for your help.

Laurent, I understand to a degree what you are saying about using the CMP command. The sensor works by having a voltage the decreases as the stroke of the sensor increases. So when the stroke is 0, I believe the voltage is 25 V.


KEYENCE Visual KV Series User Manual

The 25 V will derease as the stroke keyencs the sensor grows. So at 20mm, the voltage is 0. So how would I compare this information.

There is an example in the programming manual that I have, but like everything else with this plc, it is not very clear. The operand will be a constant or data memory to be compared with your DM.

For tests, write an internal bit with the comparison result: If you attempt to monitor directly these bits you may get wrong results based on another CMP instruction i. Verify kg-16ar changing manually values in DM When all is running as needed, replace DM by DM Actually it’s a good exercise. I haven’t worked with those PLC for years. Didn’t know someone would ask for this stuff. Keyenfe used to get from KV10 to KV and replace them in machines. I’ve kept a hand-held programmer and kg-16ar DOS software wich is more simple.

November 18th, It says that the error is at the first relay that I vk-16ar up, or the relay on the diagram above. What does this mean, how can I fix it. All times are GMT The time now is Please DON’T use it for advertising, etc.

Click here now to try it. Find More Posts by bmkirkla. Find More Posts by Laurent. Find More Posts by BigAl.

Keyence KV-16AR PLC

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