NOTE. You must enable communication through VPN in Traffic Rules before start configuring the Kerio VPN Server. For more information refer to Configuring. Manual TCP/IP configuration on the firewall host Network setup and Kerio WinRoute Firewall Deployment – This section describes basic TCP/IP configuration. 45 4 Example of Kerio VPN configuration: company with a filial office. where Kerio Control is installed (typically C:\Program Files\Kerio\WinRoute Firewall).

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Tutoriak to main content. Log In Sign Up. Kerio Control Administrator’s Guide. Contents Installing Kerio Control. Install the appliance on a PC without an operating system. Virtual Appliance Kerio Control Virtual Appliance is the software appliance edition pre-installed on a virtual host for the particular hypervisor. Two models are available. For more details, refer to the Setting up Kerio Control Box article.

Any existing OS and files on the target hard disk will be erased! For hardware requirements, read Technical Specifications.

Download the ISO image from the Download page. Select one of these actions: Boot from the appropriate drive. The installation runs automatically. To perform the initial setup, open the following address in your web browser: Follow the Activation Wizard. Download the zipped VMX package from the Download page and unpack.

After the import, it is recommended to check the shutdown and restart actions settings for the imported virtual machine. To avoid loss of data in the winrpute appliance, use “soft power operations” Shutdown Guest and Restart Guest.

Follow the instructions on the virtual appliance console to perform the basic configuration. After finishing the wizard, Kerio Control displays the login page. Download the Hyper-V package from the Download page.

Configuration Assistant

After importing gutorial appliance into Hyper-V, the location cannot be changed. As the virtual machine location, select the directory with the unpacked virtual harddisk.

Select Use existing virtual harddisk. Browse for the virtual harddisk unpacked from the distribution package. After finishing the wizard, connect to the virtual appliance and start it. Installing virtual appliance for Parallels For hardware requirements and supported Parallels hypervisors, read Technical Specifications.

Download the zipped Parallels package from the Download page and unpack. Open the virtual appliance in Parallels and start it. Select a language This language will be used by the activation wizard and it will also be set as a default language after the first logon to the administration interface.

Once logged in, the language settings can be changed as needed. Connect to the Internet This step appears only if Kerio Control is not able to connect to the Internet. Select an interface connected to the Internet.


Kerio Control Administrator’s Guide | Mohamad Javad Sooran –

This procedure can be reused until the Internet connection starts working. It is also possible to select offline registration and register Kerio Control later.

Set the time zone, date and time Kerio Control requires correct configuration of the date, time and time zone. Select your time zone and verify and change, if necessary date and time settings. It is recommended to enable synchronization of time against a time server. NTP servers of Kerio Technologies are used for this purpose. Activate Kerio Control This step allows: Select Register license number.

Insert the license number and enter the security code displayed in the picture. On the next page, edit your registration details. Upon a successful registration, the product will be activated with a valid license. Registration firewalp the trial version Registration of the trial version allows testing of features unavailable in the unregistered trial version the Kerio Control Web Filter module, updates of the integrated antivirus engine and the intrusion prevention system.

The registration provides you with free technical support for the entire trial period. Select Activate the free trial. Enter the security code displayed in the picture. Registration of the trial version does not prolong the trial period. Register offline If you have a file with the license key usually license. If you do not have the license key file or you changed operating systemsregister Kerio Control via WWW.

Help us make Kerio Control even tuttorial Information on the product usage helps us develop Kerio Control as close to your needs as possible. By sending your usage statistics, you participate in the product improvement. Statistics do not include any confidential data passwords, email addresses, etc. Set the password for the administrator user account Enter the admin password — i.

Username Admin with this password is then oerio for: Remember this password or save it in a secured location and keep it from anyone else!

After finishing the wizard, login page appears. Use the admin credentials for login and configure your Kerio Control. By default, it is opened automatically upon logon to the administration interface.

If this feature is disabled, you can start the wizard by clicking on Configuration Assistant on Dashboard. Figure 1 Configuration Assistant It is not necessary to use the configuration assistant or its individual features. Experienced administrators can configure Kerio Control without these tools. The configuration assistant allows the following settings: Select your connectivity mode: Single Internet Link 1. On the first page of the wizard, select A Single Internet ,erio.

Select a network interface Internet link. Therefore, in most cases the appropriate adapter is already tutorrial within this step. If the more IP addresses are set for the interface, the primary IP address will be displayed.


Select interface connected to the local network. If multiple interfaces are connected to the local network, select the interface you are currently using for connection to the Kerio Control administration.

Verify your configuration and click Finish. You can check the result in section Interfaces.

Examining Kerio Control Traffic Rules

The Internet Interfaces group includes only the Internet interface selected in the second page of the tuttorial. Other interfaces are added to the group Other Interfaces. For these interfaces, it will be necessary to define corresponding traffic rules manually e.

On the first page of the wizard, select Two Internet links with load balancing. Select two interfaces to be used as Internet links with traffic wwinroute balance. For each link it is necessary to specify link weight, i. The weight of individual links indicates how Internet traffic is distributed among the links it should firewall with their speed ratio. You set weight 4 for the first link and weight 8 for the other one.

The total Internet connection load will therefore yutorial divided in the proportion 1: Select the interface connected to the local network. The Internet Interfaces group includes winroure Internet links selected in the third page of the wizard. Two Internet links with failover Kerio Control allows guarantee Internet connection by an alternative back-up connection.

This connection back-up is launched automatically whenever failure of the primary connection is detected. When Kerio Control finds out that the primary connection is recovered again, the secondary connection is tuttorial and the primary one is re-established automatically. On the first page of the wizard, select Two Internet links with failover.

Select a network interface to be used for the primary connection and for the secondary connection. When using failover, only two Internet Connections may be applied, one for the primary, and the other as a failover. Define traffic policy The network rules wizard demands only the data that is essential for creating a basic set of traffic rules: In the Configuration Assistant dialog, click Define traffic policy.

Select Kerio Control kerko to be available from the Internet: This option allows HTTPS traffic on port port of the administration interface cannot be changed. Make any other services on the firewall or servers in the local network available from the Internet mapping. In the Inbound policy dialog, you can configure the following parameters: Save the settings in the Inbound Policy dialog.