In fact, argues Kay Redfield Jamison in An Unquiet Mind, the newer name may be the less precise. Is depression really “unipolar” while manic. Kay Redfield Jamison (born June 22, ) is an American clinical psychologist and writer. Jamison wrote An Unquiet Mind: A Memoir of Moods and Madness in part to help clinicians see what patients find helpful in therapy. J. Wesley Boyd . Johns Hopkins psychiatry professor Jamison, whose Touched with Fire addressed the link between manic-depressive illness and creativity, offers a poignant.

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My family and friends support me and love me. Vincent Millay, William James quote. I think that the first chapter and the last chapter are the only ones with any weight.

An Unquiet Mind by Kay Redfield Jamison | : Books

Jamison moved to California during adolescence, and soon thereafter began to struggle with bipolar unquket. Jamison is a psychologistand it’s just incredible to hear her describe how her vast stores of knowledge about psychiatric symptoms, and about her own illness, were useless against her mind’s conviction that she’s fine, and not symptomatic, and doesn’t need medication.

She continued to struggle in college at UCLA. Kay Redfield Jamison herself endured the dangerous highs of euphoria mixed with the lows of depression. Jan 12, Minutes Buy. She explains that she and her first husband are still friends — no hard feelings — and leaves it at that.

Life is too complicated, too constantly changing, to be anything but what it is. Despite her studies, Jamison did not realize she was bipolar until three months into her first job as a professor in UCLA’s Department of Psychology. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. After her diagnosis, she was put on lithium medicationa common drug used to contain moods. In other projects Unqkiet Commons Wikiquote. What comes through is a remarkably whole person with the grit to defeat her disease.


She was not afraid of admitting that she herself suffered episodes of “madness” — nor did she feel the need to be de-stigmatised by politically correct terminology. Psychotherapy is a sanctuary; it is a battleground; it is a place I have been psychotic, neurotic, elated, confused, and despairing beyond belief.

Her first marriage, for example, ended in perceivable heartbreak when she left her husband on impulse. I work in an academic library therefore I have unlimited access to her work. Goodwin is considered a classic textbook on bipolar disorder.

Anyone trying to deny they have this condition even after a positive diagnosis. If even one person found in this book a story that helped her carry on and succeed in putting together a satisfactory life, the book would be worth its ink in gold. But she paints a cohesive unqujet of what it’s like to live as a never-ending captive to these see-sawing feelings. At first she wanted to become a doctor, but because of her increasing manic episodes she decided she could not maintain the rigorous discipline needed for medical school.

View all 18 comments. Such classifications presuppose, she writes, “a distinction between depression and manic-depressive illness — both clinically and etiologically — that is not always clear, or supported by science”. An Unquiet Mind is a memoir of enormous candor, vividness, and wisdom—a deeply powerful book qn has both transformed and saved lives.

She made it through a PhD in psychology and became one of the foremost jwmison in her field before finally getting the consistent treatment she needed. The Passion for Lifeshe cites research that suggests that 15 percent of people who could be diagnosed as bipolar may never actually become depressed ; in effect, they are permanently “high” on life.

She was distinguished lecturer at Harvard University in and the Litchfield lecturer at the University of Oxford in Everything previously moving with the grain is now against– you are irritable, angry, frightened, uncontrollable, and enmeshed totally in the blackest caves of the mind. Please try again later. Jamison has given visiting lectures at a number of different institutions while maintaining her professorship at Hopkins. Powerfully written, it is a wonderful and important account of mercurial moods and madness.


She shares her family history, her scholarly jamisn, her romantic relationships, and how her bipolar disorder affected all of those facets in her life.

Just seeing how she was able to achieve such professional success while privately dealing with such hellish, frightening moments of near insanity is enough to be massively impressed. About Kay Redfield Jamison.

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Kay Redfield Jamison

I long ago abandoned the notion of a life without storms, or a world without dry and killing seasons. Maestros and Their Music. Retrieved July 27, Overall, highly recommended for those searching for uqnuiet book about bipolar disorder or mental health in general. If someone close to you has a mental illness, read this book, and they will feel less alone. As a result of Jamison’s military background, she grew up in many different places, including FloridaPuerto RicoCaliforniaTokyoand Washington, D.

She then found her calling in psychology. To ask other readers questions about An Unquiet Mindplease sign up.

I guess I like what this book tries to do, but I’m not convinced it was well done. Jamison has also been criticized. Royal Society of Edinburgh. A compelling work of literature. And really, in this book, that’s how Ah seems to think it should be. Is depression really “unipolar” while manic depression is “bipolar”?

View all 4 comments. Little Dancer Aged Fourteen.

View all 21 comments. People are jamsion scared that they’ll never be able to have romantic relationships, that they won’t be able to work, that their brains will never function properly.