A poem by Katerina Gogou. What I fear most is becoming “a poet” Locking myself in the room gazing at the sea and forgetting I fear that the stitches over my. Katerina Gogou was born in Athens on the first of June and spent the first years of her childhood in the harshest conditions of the Nazi. Katerina Gogou () was a Greek anarchist poetess who is a representative figure of the ’80s radical political and cultural scene of.

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Civil War – Katerina Gogou | standupandspit

They will soak you. Now they will murder. Fill in your details below or click an glgou to log in: That is more believable. In she pressed charges against General Drosoyannis, the notorious Minister of Public Order of PASOK, after being brutally beaten by riot policemen during one of the numerous anarchist marches of the time.

I fear that my screams might katerkna a murmur so that to serve putting my people to sleep. The poetry of Katarina Gogou gives a voice to this way of life … We share a short biography of Katarina Gougou by taxikipali, along with a selection of her poetry, posted on libcom.

Katerina Gogou

Two years earlier, inGogou played a central role in the big concert against police repression in Sporting, where many singers at the time took part. I am dreaming freedom. The jaw broken by the uppercut of a worker syndicalist and paid thug. Katerina Gogou died on October 3 at the age of 53 due to an overdose of pills and alcohol, the last among the triad of radical poet-singers alongside Pavlos Sidiropoulos and Nikolas Asimos to exit the changing stage of Exarcheia. She ejaculates screaming and smashes the front windows with chains She occupies the means of production She blows up private property She is a Sunday visit in prison Same step in the yard revolutionaries and penal prisoners She is sold and bought minute by minute, breath by breath In the slave markets of the earth — Kotzia is near here Wake up early.


Armoured vans filled with policemen Impotent voyeurs, the doctors of the Vice Department Crabs are taking a stroll all day on your brain The whistle boys are the syphilis of your sleep — whose side are they on. Numerous poems written by Gogou appeared in the Greek film ‘Parangelia’ about the life of Nikos Koemtzis who, inkilled three individuals two of whom were policemen and injured another eight at a bouzouki club in Athens over a dance.

Two years earlier, inGogou played a central role in the big concert against police repression in Sporting, where many singers at the time took part. Ktaerina 12 For Kataina Gogou Anti Government. As many times as it takes all over again. Fredo Corvo – Iran: Open Preview See a Problem?

He has great pains behind the ears and deep in the stomach. With their hands in their pockets they shot other Greeks and they walked fast as if in a great hurry or as if someone was chasing them. The seductions of “History” Tourism: The concert was in demand for the immediate release of Philipos and Sofia Kiritsi, two anarchists imprisoned as terrorists by the regime.

She is a whore in the rotten-houses The german drill for conscripts And the last Endless miles of the national highway towards the centre In the suspended meats from Bulgaria.

Evelina rated it did not like it Aug 19, Loneliness Has the colour of Pakistanis, this loneliness And she is counted inch by inch Along with their pieces In the bottom of the light-shaft. It was in this period that she was writing her early poems. All our lives hungry we travel The same course. The features change, he becomes younger, more handsome, he enters the final clash, he climbs gloriously to his god.

Now they will take aim.

The libcom library contains nearly 20, articles. We fuck the whores.

The blood on his hair leeches on the veiled homosexuality syndromes of men all around the earth. She does not stroll abstractly and self-content Shaking her hips in concert halls And in frozen museums.


The mid s was a time of fierce gay liberation struggle in greece. The mind is their target. When the laws are broken, what of his city then? Maiden’s Cheek Student Lazarou. Modern Greek poets Greek actresses Greek women writers births deaths 20th-century Greek actresses 20th-century women writers 20th-century Greek poets Greek actor stubs.

The end of the s was a time when the initial post-junta revolutionary chic was giving way to more substantial and contradictory urban cultures and movements, with many workers breaking free from the unions and the left, mass factory occupations, the first occupations of universities and a ferocious armed struggle against unpunished agents of the junta, with the far-right responding with bombs in cinemas, squares and leftist offices.

At the same time she reengaged in cinema, this time as a protagonist in critical and intellectual movies. Retrieved 24 August Sign in with Facebook Other Sign in options. All caused by property. If you’re not sure if something is appropriate for the library, please ask in the feedback and content forum. Ti ekanes ston polemo Thanasi. Wake up to see it. Return to Book Page. They will devour each other in eternal fire to eternity.

Katerina Gogou / AUTOPSY REPORT – BLACKOUT ((poetry & politics))

Here we burn the witches. However, her poems have become an indivisible part of the radical culture of the country and of the public imaginary of Exarcheia.

Square, biiiig, with long coats and gabardines, they had gogu in their pockets, maybe more guns inside.

The time has come to reinstitute the morally just as the ultimate praxis.