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Our copy has been written in a fine scribal hand and was completed in the month of Shawwal AH CE. The AL-Hamdani manuscript is one of two in the collection. Many such precious manuscripts are in poor condition and it is one of the aims of ALDAR to restore a to their original condition, for the benefit of future generations. The first scholar who advised Imam to establish a national public library. In other words, by practicing abortion and contraception at that time, the people will prevent increase in the number of children.

He S said in another hadith: He was summoned to Cairo during the crisis surrounding the emergence of the Druze and defended the Imamate against Druze claims.

Stern, their identities were revealed and they themselves were shown to be closely linked with the early Ismaili movement and, most probably, Ismailis themselves walav, they were attacked as Ismailis by their critics.

Catalog Record: Kitāb kanz al-walad | Hathi Trust Digital Library

This was the script developed first by Ismaili merchants to maintain their business records in confidence but later came to be widely used by Ismailis for religious texts; the underlying language might be Arabic, as in this case, or Gujarati or Urdu, or any of a number of other tongues.

Over the nearly years since the book was copied, the pages have become disordered; in the process of repair and conservation which ALDAR will undertake, the precious volume will be put in proper order and the old marbled and leather binding will be restored. Corruption will be so widespread that it would be hard to find anyone who could or would want to prevent it.

It was completed in CE.

Pasar al contenido principal. It is beautifully and boldly written in very black ink on glazed paper; the paper is of such high knz that even the bookworms have managed to make holes only at the margins.


The present manuscript, one of two in the AL-Hamdani Collection, is beautifully written in aknz clear scholarly hand and probably dates from the late 18 th or early 19 th century. Unfortunately, we know very little about Kirmani.

Kanz al-walad PDF Download

Through the research of the great scholar Samuel M. Ibrahim ibn al-Husayn al-Hamidi: See Tafsir Qummi, vol. The weakening of the foundations of the family, of kinship and friendship; the coldness of human feelings and walqd are among the salient characteristics of the end of time. The present work exhorts obedience to the law as well as to the Imam and offers specific guidance on a wide range of legal and ethical issues. One will seek help from his neighbor and appeal to the right of neighborliness, but his neighbor will not render him any assistance.

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He S also said: At that time, corruption and moral laxity will spread remarkably. Ibn Tawus, Malahim, p. He was one of the first Ismaili thinkers to incorporate ancient Greek Neo-Platonic ideas into his system.

Now, let us look at the hadith s in order to comprehend the profundity of the tragedy of the loss of Islamic values and the spread of corruption at that time. Perhaps, it would be due to extreme economic qalad, the spread of diseases among children, the lack of facilities, and the propaganda and encouragement to have fewer children, or other factors.

Our copy also shows the hazards of leaving precious books where children can get at them for there are mischievous scribbles, in a childish hand, on the flyleaf and elsewhere-another sign of the family nature of AL-Hamdani Collection! Oanz book derives from a public debate held in the 10 th century in the presence of the governor of Rayy, a once-important Iranian city near modern-day Tehran.

But no one will condemn this lewd act or change it. The Prophet S said: Thereafter, he will let others molest them, and they, one after the other, will do this lewd act.

Highlight of the Dean: It can also mean that having a child would make one sad, anxious and furious. The writer of the unique book: Like other manuscripts in the collection, it has been handed down from one generation to the next and below the colophon is the signature of Fayd Allah AL-Hamdani, dated CE. The animalistic acts of pseudo-humans will no longer be seen as indecent and obscene due to the extent of the corruption, and these acts will gradually appear as natural and normal.


A time shall come when fifty women will face a single man. It is one of several manuscripts in the AL-Hamdani Collection copied by a woman scribe.

The manuscript is elegantly bound in dark red leather with a prayer inscribed in Arabic on the flyleaf. The AL-Hamdani manuscript was one of the few known copies of this work until recently. The Dean had been the first academician with D. The volume is richly bound in crimson leather with gold stamped title. The calligraphy is bold and expressive.

كـتـاب كـنـز الـولـد – Kitab Kanz al-walad

Since non-Ismailis could not read the Khojki script, he could carry this fundamental treatise of Ismaili thought without fear of criticism or persecution. It is included here because it is a good example of an old and treasured manuscript which will require conservation and repair; the binding is loose and the pages have suffered damage from worms, despite the aromatic leaves inserted at regular intervals.

The title-page bears several seals and stamps of ownership of successive members of the AL-Hamdani family. He was involved on behalf of the Fatimid caliph-imam in the debate with the nascent Druze movement in Cairo and was active there sometime around the year CE. The Prophet S also said elsewhere: The best among them would be he who will say: Provided secure shelter to many Yemeni revolutionaries when was in Egypt Other hadith with the same content has also been reported.