ABSTRACT. Background: The dengue and chikungunya epidemics have major challenging problems and have become essentially a public health importance. The Chikungunya virus was isolated from mosquitoes and found to be identical to the AV circulating human strain. This is the first field study. Mosquitoes transmit numerous arboviruses including dengue and chikungunya virus (CHIKV). Chikungunya is a re-emerging arthropod-borne.

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Currently, in all available reports, pre-existing joint disease or development of an unrelated joint disease such as OA or RA cannot be ruled out. While investigations into alternative treatments such as inhibitors of viral replication, anti-cytokine therapies, and siRNA have occurred, jurnsl efficacies and utilities in a clinical setting are still unknown [ 1252 ].

Chikungunya Virus, final data for the United States. Report of 47 cases. Some significant bony changes, such as obvious erosions, can be seen by months post infection p.

In most cases of CHIKV infection, patients develop symmetric oligo or polyarthralgia within minutes to days following the initial onset of fever [ 91840 ].

Treatments are generally symptomatic and supportive, and the efficacies of potentially more specific therapies are currently unknown [ 1718 ]. Therefore, an association between pre-existing joint disease and the risk of development of prolonged chronic CHIKV-associated disease is still unproven. Blood and Clinical Chemistry Laboratory Results In the acute stages of the disease, results of a complete blood cell count can be variable, though leukopenia, often as a result of lymphopenia, is one of the most common presentations [ 91925 ].

In some cases, patients who had normal radiographs at 10 months p. Post a Comment Login required. Alphavirus RNA synthesis and non-structural protein functions. Because MRI is a non-invasive procedure and minimal discomfort for the patient is expected, volunteer participation in clinical studies utilizing this modality would likely be higher. Jurnal Biotek Medisiana Indonesia.

Manifestasi Klinis Infeksi Virus Chikungunya Pada Kejadian Luar Biasa Di Indonesia

The other is a measles virus-vectored VLP vaccine that also demonstrated a good neutralizing antibody response and only mild to moderate adverse events in patients [ 6567 ]. Incidences of chronic CHIKV-associated joint disease have been fairly commonly reported since the La Reunion outbreak, though in most reports concurrent underlying joint abnormalities present prior to or at the time of infection cannot be ruled out [ 27293035 ].

Clinical Evaluation via Advanced Imaging Much of the current literature focuses on the use of standard radiography for evaluation of joints in CHIKV-infected patients and results are often variable [ 924354041 ].


Spatial-temporal clustering was observed on both diseases demonstrating variation in local infection pattern. Persistent infection has also been demonstrated in synovial macrophages as long as 18 months after the initial infection [ 60 ].

Control measures were already taken, but it chikungunys not effective, cases were spread and increased progressively by weeks and non-vector born disease which has similar sign and symptoms was thought to be the cause.

There is a great jurmal for reporting clinical information associated with both acute and chronic cases. Vector Borne Zoonotic Dis. Therefore, definitive diagnosis is required. The VLPs for one of these are produced in HEKT cells and results of a phase I dose escalation trial have been reported, demonstrating significant production of neutralizing antibodies and no severe adverse responses [ 6566 ].

Manifestasi Klinis Infeksi Virus Chikungunya Pada Kejadian Luar Biasa Di Indonesia – Neliti

In most instances, these parameters will return to normal in the second week of infection [ 25 ], though a persistent lymphopenia 36 months after the initial infection has been rarely reported [ 30 ]. Chikungunyashowedmore onthe malesex, and the productive age group Additionally, persistent CHIKV infection in muscle satellite cells has been demonstrated 3 months after the jhrnal of the acute phase of disease [ 36 ].

Data regarding natural human infections and viral tropisms and persistence is limited, though viral persistence in tissues is considered to be a potential mechanism of chronic disease. The efficacies of specific antiviral medications are also unknown, though in vitro studies have demonstrated potential utility of ribavirin against alphaviruses [ chikkungunya ]. In many cases, patients with higher viremias had more severe alterations in the above-mentioned CBC and chemistry results [ 31 ].

While our knowledge in this chikingunya has greatly increased in recent years, the role of CHIKV in development of more chronic stages of disease has yet to be elucidated.

Virion assembly is not well characterized in CHIKV, but also occurs within the cytoplasm, followed by cihkungunya of a lipid bilayer envelope by budding through the host cell membrane [ 5556 ]. Some of the more commonly reported comorbidities include hypertension and respiratory or cardiovascular disease [ 929 ]. Chikungunya virus takes centre stage in virally induced arthritis: Additionally, the comparison of these early MRI analyses with later evaluations in patients who subsequently develop chronic disease may help to further characterize disease pathogenesis.

While both of these vaccines show promise, more trials are necessary before the overall safety and efficacies can be determined. Chikungunya disease in nonhuman primates involves long-term viral persistence in macrophages. Acute Chikungunya and persistent musculoskeletal pain following the Indian epidemic: While viral infections have been linked chikungunys development of RA and microbial infections are associated with development of autoimmune reactive arthritis chukungunya ankylosing spondylitis [ 968 ], no link between CHIKV infection and induction of autoimmune disease has yet been demonstrated.


While any joint can be affected, those that are most commonly reported are the distal extremities such as wrists, metacarpal and interphalangeal joints, as well as the ankles and metatarsophalangeal joints chikungunnya 1820364041 ], though some studies have indicated that the knee is also commonly affected [ 9313642 ].

Ultrasonography has shown some utility for diagnosis of soft tissue disease associated with CHIKV-induced arthralgia. Keywords Indonesia KLB adolescent adolescents anemia behavior case control evaluasi health promotion hipertensi hospital hypertension knowledge leptospirosis physical activity quality of life remaja risk factors smoking stunting tuberculosis.

Assessment of the extent of the acute lesions such as joint effusion, synovitis, jurnall, enthesopathy or bone marrow edema may make it possible to identify people with more severe disease, potentially aiding in the choice of treatment strategies for those at greater risk for developing chronic or relapsing disease.

Othernon-specific clinical symptomssuch asheadaches The potential mechanisms associated with chronic CHIKV-associated joint disease are unknown, and no animal model currently replicates this aspect chjkungunya disease.

Majalah Kedokteran Nusantara (Journal of Medical School)

Epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and long-term outcomes of a major outbreak of chikungunya in a hamlet in sri lanka, in Serological assays for detection of anti-CHIKV IgM or IgG can be performed during the first few weeks or months, respectively, though false negative results can occur depending on the stage of disease [ 46 ]. An additional confounding factor is that presence or absence of pre-existing joint disease is often ascertained via self-reporting questionnaires, while thorough chiknugunya evaluations at the time of or prior to initial infection are rarely performed [ 2933 – 36 ].

Rheumatology Chikunguya ; 39 7: Specific management of post-chikungunya rheumatic disorders: Alternatively, induction of autoimmune disease following CHIKV infection has been put forth as a possible mechanism of chronic joint disease [ 23 ].

There is currently no definitive evidence that treatments beyond conservative NSAID therapy in more severe cases have any efficacy. Clinical symptoms analisys was performed from 28 confirm chikungunya cases based on laboratory result. From bedside to bench.