List of Gujarati books by author Doctor Jitendra Adhiya. Buy online books by Prerna Nu Zarnu by Doctor Jitendra Adhiya DVD. Quick View Free Shipping. Books For You offers books For ra Adhia. Author: ra Adhia. Viewing Page 1 of 4. First 1 2 3 4 Last. Dhannu Vavetar (Gujarati). This application is the medium between everyone who wants to change their life in knowledge of Dr Jeetendra Adhia- Mind Trainer, Motivator, Life Guru, Author.

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Lokona Man Jitvani Kala Gujarati 4 Reviews Write a review Authors: Visualizationis seeing our future now on our mentalscreen and feeling it as if we have achievedour goal. In this State, our Subconscious Mind is readyto take our command. We should focus on different part of our bodygradually from the bottom to the top and jigendra — one at a time.

He travels all around theGlobe for this. If you can visualize, you can actualize.

Conscious Mind has limited Power while Subconscious Mind has unlimited power. Das Kadam Diamond Ke 7. He is a globally recognized Mind Trainer and Life Coachwith highly successful seminars in India and abroad— and a very first one during the recently completedKatha Cruise in Europe.


Doctor Jitendra Adhiya

After reading, understanding and practicingwhat I am sharing with you in this booklet, Iam sure you will successfully start convertingall your dreams into reality in your life.

Addhiya 0 Reviews Write a review Authors: Set your Goals first Dr Adhia This booklet is just the introduction of Mind Power for the beginners.

Sneh Nu Jharnu Gujarati 5. Wemust set it in such a way that we have abalanced life.

Gujarati 2 Reviews Write a review Authors: This booklet will introduce you to that power. This is the most importantdocument in this exercise — and in our life. This is the workof our Conscious Mind. Powers of Mind Thesetopics are highly relevant to people of all ages andbackground — starting right from school going kids tobusiness professionals.

The Gift Gujarati 8. In the Vision Board, we should paste thepictures of our goals with dates when wewant achieve it. This power has been with you from the dayyou were born but you are yet to realize it.


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Conscious Mind and 2. Let them relax gradually.

English 0 Reviews Write a review Authors: Meditation andRelaxation is one and the same thing, bothare inner journey by different methods butthe destination is the same. Powers of Mind 13 Connect to your Subconscious Mind…. But when we setour goals, we need to ensure that theyare balanced with the rest of our life. Connect to your Subconscious Mind…. To use this Genie, we need to learn, howto awaken this Genie and put it to work.

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Read the Text Version. MargadarshanparSelf Help. Whatever commands are given to ourSubconscious Mind will start manifesting inour life and help achieve our Goals. I adhya to all of you who have read this book: