Find the most up-to-date version of JIS G at Engineering JIS G Electrolytic Zinc-coated Steel Sheet And Strip. Japanese Standards Association. Preview. Most Recent Current. JIS G Electrolytic zinc-coated steel sheet and strip (Foreign Standard) . standard by Japanese Industrial Standard / Japanese.

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SECC steels is manufactured from SPCC steels, after electrolytic process of galvanization which is simply called as electro galvanization.

Electro Galvanization – JIS G SECC Steels Electro-Galvanized Steel

Dear Rick What is the elongation and yield strength? What is JIS G ? Through this process a coating of zinc is applied on the sandard of steel. However any specific forming operation should be properly investigated and testing should be performed before the execution. Moreover the zinc coating achieved through electroplating process is highly accurate and precise if the coating thickness is considered.

When a stsndard grade is specified as electro galvanized steel, it simple refers it has been subjected to an electro galvanization process by which galvanization is performed.

Electro Galvanization is performed worldwide. Slit widths of desired specifications are also available. Available Forms in Market: What is the elongation and yield strength?


This is the reason design validation is important. However g331 width of SECC material ranges mm to mm. When with C 0. My customer need jis g grade antifinger. Following are some of the mechanical properties of SECC steels:.

JIS G is a Japanese material standard for electro-galvanized steel. The electro galvanization process is an industrial process which jiss used to coat base steel with the layer of zing by electroplating. How are you carrying out your welding process? There are two types of electrolytes that are used for electro galvanization i.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply. Since the coating is done through electrolysis therefore it is said as electro-galvanized steel. The zinc coating obtained through this process protects the base steel from standars and corrosion. It is the design and development department of your company that should ensure that the material and the design outputs bring about the desired results.

SECC Steels – JIS G 3313 Electro-Galvanized Commercial Cold Rolled

What is the Electro Galvanization Process? It should be carried out in a ventilated place. Please seek the material certficate from you supplier.

Some common applications are as under. Thus parent or mother cold jiss steel material is SPCC steel for this type and grade of product. Following are the available forms of SECC steels in the global market:.


Zinc protects the steel from rusting and other issues. Following forming operations can be performed on this type of steel:.

Zinc coating increases the life of base steel. Therefore with the help of electro galvanization, these materials can be used in environments where there are high moisture content which cause ztandard on simple cold rolled steel. Read more about the international standard for electrolytic-galvanized commercial quality cold rolled materials in ISO is stated as CR1.

I am a indenting agent sgandard trade. The based metal is actually made up of commercial quality cold rolled steel but the coating is made up of zinc through electro galvanization process unlike the hot dip galvanized steels.

SECC steel is electro galvanized commercial quality cold rolled steel which is basically cold rolled and then coated with zinc in an electro galvanizing line.