JADUAL KETIGA. [Seksyen 43 dan 44A]. KADAR CARUMAN BULANAN. BAHAGIAN A. 1. Kadar caruman bulanan yang dinyatakan dalam Bahagian ini. RATE OF CONTRIBUTION. FOR THE MONTH. By the. By the. Total. Employer. Employee Contribution. RM. RM. RM. RM. RM. From. to. NIL. NIL. NIL . The latest contribution rate for employees and employers effective 1 August can be referred in the Third Schedule, EPF Act (click to download).

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Not submit directly to epf? Beside that, a company can also use the e-Payment service which is provided through this web site. Check you status with the Kwzp Imigresen Malaysia before you leave: Show posts by this member only Post 7. Any official email or just normal pos. Orang gaji domestik yang bekerja di rumah kediaman dan digaji oleh orang perseorangan tuan rumah berkenaan.

The eligibility for invalidity pension for Social Security Organisation Socso members has been raised from year-old to Kenaikan kadar caruman bahagian majikan ini kssp kuasa mulai upah pekerja bulan Januari b Been out of town for the past whole week with no Internet.

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Anyhow I would need to go through either Jaadual or pass directly to my company’s boss to get the “Pengesahan Majikan” part. Maksimum RM60, setahun berkuatkuasa Januari Credit to idoblu for pointing that out.


Please be informed that our new address will be as follow: Can’t trust these HR guys sometimes. Those undergoing physical and vocational rehabilitation are now entitled to RM20 per day from the Social Security Organisation Socso.

K bye Yup, I would prefer to personally print and fill it up myself. Btw when will it take effect. Bagaimana pilihan ini boleh terbatal?

Regular-ly posting shits and stuffs Group: I got cable sumber dalaman yg boleh dipercayai How to check our KWSP number. Unless, they ask u to submit on ur 203. Welcome Guest Log In Register. Feb 5 Track this topic Receive email notification when a reply has been made to this topic and you are not active on the board.

EPF – Contribution Schedule (Third Schedule) – KWSP

PCB Calculator by hasil. I will help u guys.

I try convince my other fellas and see their opinion as well. Some of the important notes from Budget seminar organised by Chartered Tax institute of Malaysia. They are entitled to a one-off full jaxual to identify illnesses, especially non-communicable diseases such as high blood pressure, heart problems, diabetes and cancer.

Form 17A ready since yesterday: Example of GST inclusive simple invoice in Singapore.

Show posts by this member only Post 4. As for me, I would prefer to personally hand it to them. Any official email or just normal pos This one I not sure yet.


Tambahan pula, ianya merupakan satu kelebihan bagi anda untuk memiliki simpanan di hari persaraan. Bilakah tempoh kuat kuasa penurunan kadar ini? Borang boleh diperoleh dari laman web KWSP www. Show posts by this member only Post 6. Gomen wil force or not.

Onlyout of the 1. They should keep it at 11 and ask us to apply for 8 instead. Feb 4 Else just call KWSP at This one I not sure yet.

Payment code for IRB paymemt.

KWSP – Caruman Pilihan Sendiri – KWSP

Sedih Bijan, nak kantoikan wang Rakyat tak jadi! On my way Group: Any official email or just normal pos 9. Show posts by this member only Post 3. Even saudi prince trusted our gomen, you no trust najib? Read latest posts or hide this alert. Should be end of February since cariman new rate starts in March. Social Security Organisation Socso contributors over the age of 40 can now get free medical check-ups at 50 private clinics in the district.

Else just call KWSP at thx: