IEC 61058-1 PDF

IEC 61058-1 PDF

IEC Standard | Switches for appliances – Part Requirements for mechanical switches. This part of IEC applies to switches for appliances. The switches are intended to control electrical appliances and other equipment for. This part of IEC applies to electronic switching devices and shall be used in conjunction with the general requirements of IEC

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Moreover, notes 2 and, 3 also apply to he proof tracking test of 6,3. The glands are then tightened by means of a suitable spanner, the torque specified in table 21 being applied to the spanner for 1 min. After the test, the specimen S switches off, and the auxiliary switch A is closed before the next operation of the test specimen.

Part 2 Cartridge fuse links — Specification iS When the switch has a rated number of operating cycles below 10or when the clamping means of the screwless terminal forms part of the conductive path through the switch, compliance is checked by the following thermal endurance test.

Compliance Is checked by inspection and during the tests of The electronic switch is loaded with thermal current or maximum rated resistive current, if no thermal current is declared, at rated voltage until steady-state temperatures are reached.

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Foot-operated switches are, in addition, subjected to a force applied by means of a circular steel pressure plate with a diameter of 50 mm. In case of doubt about the test results, the last shall be carried out at the rated voltage and rated resistive load current, for switches designed for a.


NOTE 3 Explanations concerning the Influencing factors air pressure, altitude, temperature, humidity with respect to dielectric strength of clearances are given in 4,1 1 2 1.

Classes H to The switch is mounted as declared by the manufacturer, end the pull-cord is subjected to a force, applied without jerks, first for 1 min in the normal direction, and then for 1 mm in a direction 45′ maximum from iex normal direction. No significant displacement or damage shall occur.

Fixing screws for enclosures are tightened with a torque as specified in table Detachable parts are removed. I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. You may delete a document from your Alert Profile at any time.

For switches for intermittent periodic duty, duty type S3, the temperature is measured after steady state has been reached, or after 4 h, whichever is the shorter time. Care shall be taken that the results from one series of three blows do not influence subsequent series.

For the test of electrical contacts, the delay time shall be SO ms to ms. It shall still be possible to remove and to replace detachable and other external parts such as cover plates 61058- these parts or their insulating linings being broken. Protection against overvoltage — Section General requirements lEC Path under consideration includes a-parallel- or converging-sided groove of any deptii with a widtii less than “X” mm.

BS EN IEC 61058-1:2018

Tho device contains actuating members, actuating means and switching devices which may be mechanical or eiecSfonic, 611058-1 least one of these must be electronic 3,1,28 duty the statement of the! Compliancs is checked by the tests of Compliance is checked by Inspection and by measurement. NOTE When salecttng the declared level, consideration should be given to the requirements of the relevant appliance or equipment standard Where 61058–1 appliance standard gives no indication of the level, reference can be made to lEC for guidance.


They shall be constructed so that if any conductive part of the switch becomes loose and moves out of position, it cannot get so disposed in normal use that creepage distances or clearances across supplementary insulation or reinforced insulation are reduced Compliance is checked by inspection, by measurement and by manual test For the purpose of this test: The tests should be conducted on individual switch types, which may be selected from switch families, according to annex T The number of test samples is according to table 1 of this standard They may be grouped into switch families 6058-1 to annex T, and the tests may then be carried out with samples selected according to annex T.

For the purpose of testing for certification, standard test circuit conditions have been established which are representative of typical circuits in the application.

Switches for appliances – Part 1: General requirements

Alternating current three-phase or 3 a,c. After these tests, the marking shall still be legible. After the test cycles, the temperature rise at the terminals shall not exceed 55 K when measured in accordance with The overcurrent relay shalf not trip when the output current is less han tOO niA.