Nama/NIM: Muhamad Syaiful Ampri/Kelompok: Kimia () Judul: “ HUKUM RAOULT” ALAT dan BAHAN. Contoh campuran ideal. Campuran ideal dan perubahan entalpi pada proses pencampuran. Hukum Raoult Tekanan uap / diagram komposisi. Raoult’s law (Q) François-Marie Raoult hywiki Ռաուլի օրենքներ; idwiki Hukum Raoult; itwiki Legge di Raoult; jawiki ラウールの法則; jvwiki Hukum .

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Using the phase diagram The diagram is used in exactly the same way as it was built up. B is the more volatile liquid. That means that you won’t have to supply so much heat to break them completely and boil the liquid.

Hukum Raoult

Alembic Kugelrohr Rotary evaporator Spinning band distillation Still. If the system is at equilibriumthen the chemical potential of the component i must be the same in the liquid solution and in the vapor above it.

Liquids boil when their vapor pressure becomes equal to the external pressure. For example, if the two components differ only in isotopic content, then Raoult’s law is essentially exact. However the expression is, apart from a factor — Tequal to the entropy gukum mixing.

File: – Wikimedia Commons

The net effect humum that is to give you a straight line as shown in the next diagram. Public domain Public domain false false.

That means that there are only half as many of each sort of molecule on the surface as in the pure liquids. If the vapor pressure of a mixture is lower than expected from Raoult’s law, there is said to be a negative deviation. For the purposes of this topic, getting close to ideal is good enough!

This is called its partial pressure and is independent of the other gases present. Real fractionating columns whether in the lab or in industry automate this condensing and reboiling process. Some mixtures in which this happens are 1 benzene and methanol2 carbon disulfide and acetoneand 3 chloroform and ethanol. However, a more fundamental thermodynamic definition of an ideal solution is one in which the chemical potential of each rault is given by the above formula.


In fact, it turns out to be a curve. However, they obviously are not identical – and so although they get close to being ideal, they are not actually ideal. According to Raoult’s Law, you will double its partial vapor pressure. If that is not obvious to you, go back and read the last section again! This page deals with Raoult’s Law and how it applies to mixtures of two volatile liquids.

Raoult’s law – Wikidata

Each of A uukum B is making its own contribution to the overall vapor pressure of the mixture – as we’ve seen above.

Raoult’s law was originally discovered as an idealised experimental law. The following page uses this file: Raoult’s law is a phenomenological law that assumes ideal behavior based on the simple microscopic assumption that intermolecular forces between unlike molecules are equal to those between similar molecules: Retrieved from ” https: The smaller the intermolecular forces, the more molecules will be able to escape at any particular temperature.

Articles related to solutions. The first factor is rraoult correction for gas non-ideality, or deviations from the ideal-gas law.

This phenomenon is the basis for distillation. This law is known as Henry’s law. Hukym vapor pressure of pure methanol at this temperature is 81 kPa, and the vapor pressure of pure ethanol is 45 kPa. The following other wikis use this file: If the forces were any different, the tendency to escape would change. We’ll start with the boiling points of pure A and B.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In consequence each component is retained in the liquid phase by attractive forces that are stronger than in the pure liquid so that its partial vapor pressure is lower.


An raoul mixture is one which obeys Raoult’s Law, but I want to look at the characteristics of an ideal mixture before actually stating Raoult’s Law. Let’s focus on one of these liquids – A, for example. Suppose you double the mole fraction of A in the mixture keeping the temperature constant. Eaoult must also include a United States public domain tag to indicate why this work is in the public domain in the United States. The system hydrochloric acid – water has a large enough negative deviation to form a minimum in the vapor pressure curve known as a negative azeotropecorresponding to a mixture that evaporates without change of composition.

They are similarly sized molecules and so have similarly sized van der Waals attractions between them.

Retrieved from ” https: The decrease in vapor pressure is directly proportional to the mole fraction of solute in an ideal solution.

You may have come cross a slightly simplified version of Raoult’s Law if you have studied the effect of a non-volatile solute like salt on the vapor pressure of solvents like water. Views View Edit History.

The presence of these limited linear regimes has been experimentally verified in a great number of cases. It covers cases where the two liquids are entirely miscible in all proportions to give a single liquid – NOT those where one liquid floats on top of the other immiscible liquids.

The expression of the law for this case includes the van ‘t Hoff factor which is also known as correction factor for solutions. In other words, the partial vapor pressure of A at a particular temperature is proportional to its mole fraction. What do these two aspects imply about the boiling points of the two liquids?