The startling, frighteningly convincing sequel to The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail that reveals the very nature of the Messianic Legacy. Holy Blood, Holy Grail rocked the very foundations of Christianity. Now four more years of research have uncovered shocking material — and its earthshaking. Also by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln · Holy Blood, Holy Grail Illustrated Edition. The Messianic Legacy. See all books by Michael Baigent.

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The Messianic Legacy – Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh, Henry Lincoln – Google Books

He has Michael Baigent was born in New Zealand in Comparing themselves to the reporters who uncovered the Watergate scandalthe authors maintain that only through speculative “synthesis can one discern the underlying continuity, the unified and coherent fabric, which lies at the core of any historical problem. His secondary schooling was at Nelson Collegeand then he moved on to the University of CanterburyChristchurchinitially intending to study science and continue in the family career of forestry, but then switched to studying comparative religion and philosophy, studying BuddhismHinduism and Christianity.

The Case of the Grail”, in Norris J. Return to Book Page. Sep 03, Dan rated it it was ok. He has also been an editor of Freemasonry Today since By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. And his son, King Solomon? But there is harm in strings of lurid falsehoods and distorted reasoning.


The Real Da Vinci Code. The continuation to Holy Blood, Holy Grail. Read it Forward Read it first.

A lot of it is jesus based, a secret society that claims to be descendant from him, curious snippets of history and archaeology put together to create an intriguing hypothesis or two. Did you know that King David was a Messiah? According to them, the legendary Holy Grail is simultaneously the womb of saint Mary Magdalene and the sacred royal bloodline she gave birth to, and the Church tried to kill off all remnants of this bloodline and their supposed guardians, the Cathars and the Templarsin order for popes to hold the episcopal throne through the apostolic succession of Peter without fear of it ever being usurped by an antipope from the hereditary succession of Mary Magdalene.

Not to be trusted! Add to Cart Add to Cart. Retrieved 30 June May 01, Pages.

ohly Oct 10, Dave rated it really liked it Msesianic After the shocking revelations of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail the authors, in their quest to determine the discrepancies between early and modern ‘Christian’ thought, found that they were forced to ask such questions as: Even as an atheist, I found this extremely interesting and helpful.

The court ruled that, in effect, because it was published as a work of alleged history, its premises legally could be freely interpreted in any subsequent fictional work without any copyright infringement. The Secret of the Priory of Sion. In the same decade, Leigh introduced him to Henry Lincolna British television scriptwriter, while Lincoln was lecturing at a summer school.


Retrieved 23 October His father left the family when he was eight years old and with his mother Jean, Baigent went to live with his maternal grandfather, Lewis Baigent, a sawmill owner, and took his surname.

The method bends the mind the wrong way, an insidious and real corruption. If you read the first one, read the second one and keep mind opened.

About Henry Lincoln Henry Lincoln is an author and filmmaker and has written for television. No trivia or quizzes yet. Feb 21, Minutes.

The Messianic Legacy

I have never put myself forward as a descendant of Jesus Christ. Stay in Touch Sign up. Richard Leigh is a novelist and short-story writer with postgraduate degrees in comparative literature and a thorough knowledge of history,… More about Richard Leigh.

I bought this book because I thought it was about me. Retrieved 29 Messiwnic Dec 30, Pages Buy. Baigent lebacy briefly at the BBC photographic department, and worked night shifts at a soft-drink factory.

The original work was reissued in an illustrated hardcover version with new material in There are no references to the Jesus bloodline in letacy ” Priory of Sion documents” and the link exists only within the context of a hypothesis made by the authors of The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail.