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MarocParis, Pseud. Y los signos de impotencia fueron todavia mas evidentes en el encuentro que, ense dio entre un solq barco de guerra toscano y una escuadrilla marroqui.

Hesperis – Hespéris : Archives berbères et bulletin de l’Institut des Hautes Etudes Marocaines

This magnificent scene is dominated by the Tower of I: Finally, there is the possibility of a Berber etymology: And whoever flags has forfeited glory, Neglected himself and thereby overstepped a11 bounds Nonetheless, the attempt at consistency had to be compromised at times for the sake of accepted usage: Volume 42 Issue Decpp. Then they drew up a document as evidence and sent it ta Mawlay Sulayman.

Koudis, according to this source, fell ta the Romans during the second century B. When he could no longer do that, people of the city acted to protect their own interests. Cultural and economic life sometimes flourished in the city while, from the perspective of Moroccan history on the national level, conditions in the country deteriorated.

An indefinite pronoun refers to people. Thus Sidi BiVAbbas’s exemplary life, perpetuated in the memory of the Slawis by his tomb, reinforced the religious symbols and values of the community eo.

Hespéris Vol. ()

One of those ships succeeded in forcing sorne of the ships of Austria into the port of the Bou Regreg. Next began a series of daily visits by the notables of the city and by the women in whose presence the saint transformed himself into a female. Encyclopedia of Islam, second edition.


Although certain old urban families have an unequal share of learned IUen in their annals, these are spiritual or cultural geneologies, not physical ones.

A Prosperous Port City 39 B. Later it was destroyed by the ravages of the VandaIs ‘ Adjectives French adjectives agree in gender and number with the noun they describe. tmuda

They sold spices, cotton, c1oth, ivory, wax, honey, skins, and carpets and bought manufactured objects from Genoa, Catalonia, and Venice, c10th from England, woolens from Flanders, and sugar from Spain Although such values were refiected in the biography of Ibn I: A high monumental aqueduct, named al-aqwas because of its three arches, was built about a mile north 41 A detailed description’ of the Madrasa, with plans and photographs, is in C. During the Vandals’ excursions into Morocco, ail traces of Roman settlement in the area, except those at ChelIa, were probably destroyed.

According to the obituary notice the study was read to Lyautey, and he was so impressed that he had it translated into French and awarded Ibn cah a prize. They have grasped the reins of governing, And ruled with the authority of one who knows.

Another mosque in this area-the Masjid Da’ud, was constructed by the Almohads. In the rural tribe of Sabbal,J. Quiz de droit d auteurd Copyright Quiz 1.

I, Primera Parte, p.

The struggles of the 17th century became in time vague historical memories. There alone, they numbered sorne 70, men. Con este fin, el sultan solicit6 especialistas a Turquia, la cual le envi6, en la anteriormente citada embajada de cabd al-karim hfsperis Cf. Pilgrimages there would ta: The large Shahb1i’ mosque was for the Fridaynoon prayer. When the Sultan learned of tamda, he ordered that the Jews be separated from the Muslims in new quarters, to be built in the former arsenal of.

On the other hand, charaeteristics of Muslim towns, as they have been often postulated in the literature, are lacking. Traducido y anotado por Ambrosio Huici Miranda B.


Humiliations and injustices imposed upon the Slawis multiplied and eventually led ta an uprising against the Sultan’s forces. Por eso, a partir de I76g, ano en que cay6 en su poder la plaza portuguesa, el sultan se dedic6 de lleno a los preparativos de guerra contra las posesiones espanolas.

The plunder was returned, and the rural people were released with the warning that further acts would be similarly dealt with. Il faut faire quelque chose!

Most trade was with the merchants of the Italian republics, especially the Genoese who bought gold, skins, goat hair, wax, and honey and sold, in return, many things’ – the most. La confusion ne se borne pas aux noms. Ibn AH does not make a distinction 16 I.

International African Bibliography

A partir de mediados detuvo lugar en Larache una intensa y acelerada aetividad, que no menguaba nisiquiera el viernes, dia sagrado musulman, dedicado a los cultos religiosos y en parte al descanso.

Salcedo a Grimaldi, retransmitiendo noticias de J. It is said that the Sultan had an account to sett1e with the Jewish community because, during the reign of his father, he had failed in an attempt to kidnap one of their women. Epaulard Paris,pp. La nave dei comandante al-mestiri respondi6 al ataque de Acton, pero sus acomparrantes rehusaron el combate y huyeron ; las unidades marroquies fueron, una tras otra, apres. How to be a global leader in innovation? Volume 33 Issue 4 Decpp.

Palace Library, Rabat p.