Quiet Days in Clichy [Henry Miller] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This tender and nostalgic work dates from the same period as Tropic. Looking back to Henry Miller’s bohemian life in s Paris, when he was an obscure, penniless writer, Quiet Days in Clichy is a love letter to a. Henry Miller Quiet Days in Clichy (First published in ) On a grey day in Paris I often found myself walking towards the Place Clichy in Montmartre.

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What’s beautiful to some may be nothing but ugly and meaningless bauble to others.

Quiet Days in Clichy – Henry Miller – Google Books

Quiet Days in Clichy is a novella written by Henry Miller. Like business, Miller contents himself with the meaningless absurdity of pleasure, which he finds in fountains, in slews, in Clichy:: Retrieved from ” https: In Miller’s own words: Now I know what makes the world civilized: Lean against a bulging retaining wall while you grope each other in the corner of the cafe.

They give me hope. Milper she comes back, she reveals that she was “stood clichu expressing her sentiments rather bitterly: Mara reminds Joey of a previous lover, the married Christine, who he regrets not marrying himself.

Grove Press, p.

A woman with a gashed torso struggling desperately to screw her severed head on. Whether discussing the early days of his long friendship with Alfred Perles or his escapades at the Club Melody brothel, in Quiet Days in Clichy Miller describes a period that would shape his entire life and oeuvre.

Because his works are full of dyas life unrestricted, untamed, like pure blood just drawn and spilled all over the pages while still warm.

Quiet Days in Clichy

For, as Joey says when speaking of his friend’s love affairs: And if there are not insights into the central characters, for sure, all the women are simply “props,” or, as more commonly described, they are indeed objectified. My library Help Advanced Book Search. And Carl is reluctant to take on the responsibility of being a father to three children who are not his own.


He’s essentially a writer of romance novels fantasies for writers, virginal librarians and others who yearn for the Good Old Clich of Debauchery. There’s very little plot to speak of. Heck, love him or hate him, the man wrote the most realistic of fictions. Overall, Miller’s narrative in this novella is what one would expect from Miller.

A satire about pretentious assholes done by pretentious assholes is still pretentious and full of assholes.

Harcourt, p. In the first, Joey and his equally destitute roommate Carl search for food and navigate relationships with various women. Trying to support oneself by writing is an rays task, but checks from America arrive from time to time. Don’t, for a moment, believe that this is erotica.

But then again, maybe I’m being naive; because Miller’s representation of Paris was far from it. He’s smart enough to know that just having sex and self-con Is there any more overrated author than Henry Miller, other than perhaps other writers in his inner literally pun intended incestuous circle?

I felt she had given me a knowing look; guiltily I hastily blurted out that it was “for a school assignment,” to which she simply chuckled. That’s Miller for me. But Henry Miller is just too charming to not forgive ignore? Both the central characters are made out to be crass misogynists genry cannot live without women. Should I feel a bit guilty, or perhaps deceived about this? When he turns to sex, which is almost on ever Quiet Days in Clichy is a novella about nothing.

There herny an amazing scene where Miller donates all of his money to clicgy weeping prostitute then comes home ravenous and begins chewing the bones and moldy bread out of the garbage, But upon finding out that he and Dwys are writers who study the likes of Proust and Goethe, they are instantly placated and decide not to press any charges.


Add both to Cart Add both to List. You may even become so attached to the place as to find one day that your whole life has been transformed and that what you once regarded as sordid, squalid, miserable, has now become charming, tender, beautiful. Or, perhaps, it’s those incandescent passages that pop up every now and then Although much of Miller’s writing is not beautiful, he manages to pull the reader into his world.

Colette is just fifteen. Miller fled Paris when the war commenced, so this hrnry a “swan song” for that era. Well, if you don’t. The most cringe-worthy being, sex with a minor. She was just a babbling clichj that had found a voice He moves them around like clay.

Quiet Days in Clichy is a novella about nothing. If you’re not familiar qiet Mr. Great read, albeit a little short! With the perspective of life experience, post-suburb, I realize that people very much do live this way, even uenry women.

His sexual encounters while prolific just happen, so to speak. You guys know I like to read stories about guys who get it on with a series of beautiful or at least easy women. At the same time, these passages are among of favorite ones in this page read.

It’s a distinct possibility he wrote this book because he was horny and he needed to exorcise his demons.