Heliodorus of Emesa is known for the ancient Greek novel or romance called the Aethiopica (Greek: Αἰθιοπικά) (the Ethiopian Story) or sometimes “Theagenes. A review, and links to other information about and reviews of Ethiopian Story by (), Rowland Smith (), and Moses Hadas (as An Ethipian Romance, ) Heliodorus’ Ethiopian Story is among the few surviving novels written in . The Romance novel didn’t begin with Kathleen Woodiwiss or even with the Bronte sisters. By the time Heliodorus wrote his Aethiopica—or Ethiopian.

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It reminds me of Candide but without the satire. It is simply a beautiful work and deserves to be read by more people. Nearly years have passed since it was written, but is has aged well, remaining far more approachable than many more recent ‘classics’. One of these items ships sooner than the other.

However, I’ll note that I couldn’t ‘feel’ the Greek beneath the translation. Firstly, it must be pointed out that I didn’t actually read this version of the book, but rather one that Ethilpian found online with updated translations elfinspell.

Books Read in 1, Probably not to everyone’s taste, this was a bit of a challenge for me, chosen from the pre section of the Books list. Greek romances are about pirates. They can be formulaic and melodramatic, they sometimes slide into sophistry, and as far as can be detected in translation, anywaythe prose and other literary considerations tend to take a backseat to the plot.


Feb 16, librarian4Him02 rated it it was amazing Shelves: War, ever productive of the new and strange, was then particularly and most unusually producing ethiopina marvellous event, in thus engaging marines in a conflict with wall defenders, and arming land troops against lake forces.

It all ends with Ethiopians setting aside human sacrifice in the interest of love and fidelity.

Heliodorus of Emesa

Trying to meet all your book preview and review needs. At least, that is what the two I read have na about. My library Help Advanced Book Search. It makes one wonder, How is it that this book was off-the-map of western culture for so long–only “rediscovered” in the late renaissance–yet it seems to have been so influential on much of literature between its disappearance and erhiopian And wow were the ancient Greeks arrogant.

Heliodorus of Emesa – Wikipedia

Nov 30, Ahmad Sharabiani rated it heliiodorus liked it Shelves: Heliodorus accomplishes this by way of nested narratives, primarily between two men who, by various accidents, have an interest in Theagenes and Charicleia: Ethiopian Story is rich in colourful detail, without ever going on too long about specifics.

This is the story of their exploits and their trials.

The book ends quickly and I did find it a bit to easily explained away. A final ‘test of chastity’ also takes things a etihopian far: Mine says on the back: How old is the novel? Its intricate and complex plot recalls those of the bard.


From inside the book. I certainly won’t be able to withstand too many more experiences like this, which is an insult to the word “experience. Reardon collection Collected Ancient Greek Novels a very valuable collection that Heliovorus pointed me toI felt there were too many intrusive notes.

Aethiopica – Wikipedia

Her birth is made known, and the lovers are happily married. Become a LibraryThing Author. This is known as subsequent layers a fact taught to me by the all-knowing Wikipedia. A main characters cried in every single chapter, which I think was a bit too much. I found this distinctly confusing and hugely verbose, often having to remind myself who was who.

It tells the helioeorus of two lovers: This is from the 3rd century though some dispute for my personal century challenge. Nov 17, Alex rated it really liked it.

An Ethiopian Romance

Folk Novel of China. It’s thoroughly bizarre, but entertaining for all that.

Aithiopika feels very Shakespearean, in fact. Explore the Home Gift Guide. He collected his breath, heaved a deep sigh, and murmured faintly. The shore was thickly strewn with newly slain bodies, some quite lifeless, and others half dead whose limbs were still aquiver, thus indicating that the conflict had only just ceased.