iMovie for Mac is a powerful video-editing program that among other things can turn iPhone-recorded video footage into stunning movies. Learn how to add and control audio within your iMovie projects. 20 Jun 14 We explain how to use the Video feature in iMovie on iPad and iPhone 11 Dec Imovie 11 handleiding nederlands. Valya ion video7pc video.

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Pretty much all of the documentation out there is for New film festivals, websites, and magazines, all dedicated to independent makers of short movies, are springing up everywhere. Start Free Trial No credit card required. Other alternatives are making your materials, or buy video-making-related commercial products. Click the background tab above preview pane, choose one, drag it to the timeline, and put it between clips.

Imovie 11 handleiding Nederlands Imovie 11 nederlandse handleiding devxstudim org

Another method to isolate a part of the clip and use different audio settings without splitting the clip is by using the option key. Today, the art of filmmaking is not something that stays exclusively in the professional filmmakers circle anymore. Note In iMovies past, you used to be able to use a second monitor for the Viewer, giving you both a larger preview and more space for your project and event footage.

You can edit the length of the transition handleidiny double clicking on it, typing in the value that you want, and click Apply. As a safe bet, everything that Apple provides within iMovie is copyright-free materials that you can use. I was reduced recently to having to burn 2. After that, you can select a clip from the Media Library, and determine the segment imovle the clip that you want to use by clicking and dragging on the clip.


To detach the audio apart from the video, select a clip and right click on it.

1. Introducing iMovie – iMovie: The Missing Manual [Book]

It’s called the Help Menu. There are the standard choices, but if you use a theme for your movie, there are more additional theme-specific choices. If you need to add a comment, narration, explanation, or any other voice related things to your clip, you can use the voice over feature. You can insert effects, transitions, backgrounds, etc.

How to Use iMovie: A Complete Guide to Make Home Video

Since detached audio is also moveable, editable, split-able, and copy and paste-able; you can also do many other things as far as imovke imagination can go. Title is available from the tab above the Media Library. The result will be displayed in green under the clip in the timeline.

If you create several dots in the locations where you want to apply different volume levels, you can play with individual level for each area.

Prepare a spare external hard drive and connect your computer to several cloud hosting services. Another neat thing that you can do with iMovie is to do picture in picture effect. If you bought a Mac after Octoberthe latest version of iMovie is probably already on your hard drive. You can add backgrounds to your videos using one of the available choices located above the media pane.

The Event window displays all your raw footage, and the Project pane is where you assemble your clips into a movie. To edit, select a placeholder and choose another clip to add. The latest version of iMovie might be missing some features that you counted on in the past.


In brief, iMovie is video-editing software that grabs the raw footage from your camcorder, camera, phone, or computer and lets you edit it easily, quickly, and creatively.

Is there an instruction manual for iMovie… – Apple Community

You call up these tools by clicking the Adjust button above the Viewer window; see Figure Uploading to YouTube, Facebook, and Vimeo requires you to log in with your account.

After hanrleiding install iMovie, open it by double-clicking its icon in the Applications folder, or by single-clicking the star-shaped icon in the Dock.

Nederlands Dutch, results nederlandse Handleidinng software! There are many transitions available, and each video theme — including the one that you choose when you start the project — has its unique transitions.

The most important thing is for you to have fun. Apple also recommends at least 4 GB of memory.

At first glance, it can also be a confusing iMovie. See the bullet points that follow for an explanation of the components labeled here. You can adjust how big the clip will be and where is the position of the clip.

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