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The small rectangular elements with diagonal hatching refer to product term generators.

Wie rechnet ein Computer ? by Nico Riese on Prezi

Since only one final adder has to be nalbaddierer, this simplifies the design effort, and will also improve speed somewhat. The multiplier is the slowest part of a digital signal processor, so any improvement in the speed of the multiplier will improve the overall speed of the processor.

The different signal path leading to different signal delays. Each consecutive sub-matrix that is fed into a subsequent stage of the Hauptaddierermatrix, has a compressor more than the previous subarray.

The layout is very regular and only a few different types of cells are needed, repeated throughout the structure, thereby simplifying design.

All of the product terms are detailed below in Fig. Eine solche Struktur ist von Natur aus ausgeglichen und die vorgeschlagene Verwendung von 4: As for the aforementioned Hekstra architecture, that multiplier happens to be delay balanced only because of an appropriate selection halbaddierwr subarray sizes.

The carry out of half-adder 2C 1 also is connected to bit position 34 of the sum output of main stage MS3. Note the subtraction in the most significant bit position. In the structure of Figs.

Finally, with respect to Figs. Multiplikationsschaltung nach Anspruch 1, wobei zumindest eine der Komprimierungsschaltungen C umfasst: In particular, each signal path through any of the subarrays and through the main array has been constructed so that it presents the same number of compressor circuits voladdierer all other signal paths.


This implementation detail avoids having to provide a constant value in architecture. The problem this Wallace tree adding structure solves relates to the fact that there are more partial product bits of middle bit significance to be summed than there are partial product bits of high or low bit significance.


The widths of the cells varies according to the number of wiring tracks they must accommodate. Each column of partial products of the same bit significance is added, with the transfers to be transferred to the column of the next higher bit significance.

Kind code of ref document: The same addition process is performed up to the last ten four stages of the circuit groups 7 and 8. The full adders F in each subarray can be identical, the main stage compressor circuits C can be identical, and the subarray compressor circuits C can be identical regardless of whether they are in subarray CSA2 or CSA3 or stage Halbaddiered or SA2, etc.

With each extra level added to the tree hierarchy, the length of nonlocal wires doubles, so that whereas connection of level 0 cell and level 1 cells requires nonlocal wires 15 that are two cells long, some connections between levels 1 and 2 require nonlocal wires 17 that are four cells long and certain connection between volladdiere 2 and 3 require wiring 19 which is eight cells long.

Die Untermatrizes bestehen aus Reihen von Volladdierern zusammen mit den Partialproduktgeneratoren. Another factor is the placement face and regularity. Another difference necessitated by the one sided nature of the “branching” in the structure, is that the compressor circuits C for folladdierer main stages MS1, MS2, MS3, MS4 be symmetric circuits, since all inputs naturally arrive simultaneously if the subarray sizes are chosen correctly, but that at least some of the compressor circuits C in the subarrays CSA2, CSA3, CSA4 be asymmetric circuits, since their partial product inputs would normally arrive earlier than the partial sums output by the preceding stage of the subarrays.


File:Volladdierer Aufbau HA DINsvg – Wikimedia Commons

Circuit de multiplication selon la revendication 1, dans lequel au moins l’un desdits circuits compresseurs C comprend: Wenn der Volladdierer einer Untermatrix vorangeht, dann halbsddierer irgendwelche Komprimierer im Rest dieser Halbaddieer vom asymmetrischen Typ sein. Eine detailliertere Beschreibung der symmetrischen und asymmetrischen Komprimierer wird nachstehend mit Bezug auf A more detailed description of the symmetric and asymmetric compressor will be hereinafter with reference to 8 8th — – 11 11 vorgesehen.

Each compressor circuit C of the level 1 also receives another carry from the corresponding level 1 compressor in the next lower significance with Summierbaum.

In contrast, Wallace tree multipliers are naturally balanced due to their inherent parallel structure, and consequently have a lower probability of the occurrence of disruptive transitions.

The asymmetric compressors are used whenever not all of its inputs are available at the same time.

EP0413916B1 – Elektro-optischer Volladdierer – Google Patents

Each successive subarray feeding into a successive stage of the main adder array has one additional compressor than the previous subarray. For example, the embodiment of the present invention shown in Fig. Circuit de multiplication comprenant: Apparatus for multiplication of data in two’s complement and unsigned magnitude formats.

These replace pairs of consecutive full adders, however, have a delay of only about 1. DE Date of ref document: