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Biblioteca Esoterica

Brauner, Fearless Wives and Frightened Shrews: Aug 30, Mark Bowles rated it it was amazing. Thus, from the point of view of the history of the problem of mind and of why it has become such a problem through the neglect of it at the beginning of the modern period, “Hermes Trismegistus” and its history is important.

Still her ideas on where ideas and science come from are amazing. This attempts to invoke angles and God himself.

Opera bellissima, appassionata, precisa tradicjon Yates sul grande Giordano Bruno. Makers of the Salem Witch Trials Baltimore, Yates has argued that she herself is not a sorceress. A Scrupulous Inquisition”, in B. Cardini, postscript by A.


Giordano Bruno and the Hermetic Tradition

But Bruno, even for Yates, had very redeeming features, and his aim to enlarge Christianity through incorporation of the teachings of one Hermes Trimegistus, was a noble one. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Feb 17, Gary Bonn rated it it was amazing. The Witch-Hunt in Scotland Baltimore, Guskin, “The Context of Witchcraft: Prosperi, Tribunali della coscienza: A World in Southern Italy London, Hoffer, The Devil’s Disciples: Frances Giordanno is brilliant here.

Harley, “Historians as Demonologists: Un frammento di storia della controriforma Rome, An Essay in Historical Psychology, trans. Brauner, “The Demonization of the Shrew: The Borderlands During the Reformation Ithaca, As someone with an interest in the intellectual history of the time, I’d been wanting to read this book for a while. The Vatican did not agree.

Aug 23, A. Studi sulla cultura del ‘ e del ‘ Naples, Weber, “Saint Teresa, Demonologist”, en A. Gatrell et al, eds. Cases Turin, ; orig. The compass measures divine powers. I didn’t know anything very much about Giordano Bruno before I read it and only have a fairly average understanding of the Renaissance.


Remy, Daemonolotria Lyon, For instance, Bruno’s involvement with Copernicus occurred because he needed more accurate astronomical calculations for his astrological work. Tolsada, Madrid, ; facs. Clark, “The Rational Witchfinder: Abercrombie, Pathways of Memory and Power: But the book has a magical feel to it. Midelfort Charlottesville, ; orig. Witnesses and Witches”, Past and Present,August He is important to Renaissance magic because he added to this natural magic a Cabalist magic. Parinetto, Magia e ragione: Silverblatt, Moon, Sun, and Witches: Cabala, Alchemy, and the End of Nature Cambridge, Without a doubt one of the finest texts I have read and a profound insight into so many aspects of the way humans think tradiicon act.