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Use the dairy for checking immediate broad objectives as well as for hints for puzzles. Go to the reception. He gives Nina a map of France and tells her to look at the nearby bridge, the old Metro station, the jail, and the zoo later on, for the remaining stones. Take the alcohol bottle. Introduction The game starts with a movie that shows Brother Matthew of the Parish Church of St.

To figure out the three digit number. Put the candle on the hand of the clock. Use the rocket launcher with the ramp and it slides into the fire to launch itself. Climb back down through the hatch. From the table next to the trailer take the pocket tnguska, a spirit level, a power cable and a pouch. Return to the mosaic in the ruins. The chain moves down near the kommplettlsung girder. This is a simple puzzle.

Go to the park. Return to the sundeck, put the disguise on Nina and take the key-card to Room 2 from the barkeep. Throw the teddy bear into the water of the enclosure. Talk to the porter.


Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e) Lösung / Walkthrough

Put the fake boulder in the derelict car. Use the sewing machine with the handkerchiefs to get a sheet. Use the flag on the tendril above the spider web. Use the red mush in the teapot on the papaya to make it red. Take the pebbles, the wheel, a life vest, the metal sheet, the spear gun, the car battery, the komplettlsunf, the fire hose, the briefcase, the handbag, the hat stand, the rake, and the kitchen sink.

Replace the spirit level on the signpost. Use the pen-knife to open the flap of the info stand.

Use the cowl with Max. Take the kit and the buckets. Watch the segment on Puritas Cordis on TV.

There is a slug on the beer can. Return to the Metro. Take the noisemaker and empty box of peanuts from in front of the elephant. The third line says that the reinforcements from Navarre were forced to meet the castle from the east.

Go to the zoo and soak the baguette in the milk can. Use life vest on boat. Look at the lecture schedule komplettlsunv the wall.


The statue is of St. Put the disguise on Nina.

Geheimakte 2 – Puritas Cordis (e)

The new note says that the next clue is at the back of the ship. There is a photo stuck to the back of the painting. Exit to the poolside. It has a can of peanuts inside. Enter the laundry room and take the fabric from the basket. Switch the TV on.

Place the spirit level on the signpost to continue the komplrttlsung. Go to the back of the temple.

Put the teapot over the smouldering ashes of the campfire. Return to statue and take the spirit level. Go to the corridor of cabins 4 and 5. Gatineau, France Talk to the surveyor.

Walk to tungusa raining side of the bridge. Use the wet bathrobe with the ventilation fan to get a dry bathrobe. Put the pawn on the square above the white king, i.