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Bone marrow involvement in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma: To assess, in patients with diffuse large B-cell lymphoma DLBCLwhether the low sensitivity of 18 F-fluorodeoxyglucose positron emission tomography FDG- PET for bone marrow assessment may be explained by histological characteristics of the cellular infiltrate.

From a prospective cohort of patients with newly diagnosed aggressive lymphoma, 21 patients with DLBCL had bone marrow involvement.

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Pretherapeutic FDG- PET images were interpreted visually and semiquantitatively, marcoa correlated with the type of cellular infiltrate and known prognostic factors.

Patients with newly d Recent many studies have shown that whole body ” diffusion -weighted imaging with background body signal suppression” DWIBS seems a beneficial tool having marcks tumor detection sensitivity without ionizing radiation exposure for pediatric tumors. Subjects in this retrospective study comprised 13 consecutive pediatric patients with neuroblastoma 7 males, 6 females; mean age, 2. All patients were diagnosed as neuroblastoma on the basis of pathological findings.

Eight regions of lymph nodes and 17 segments of skeletons in fotks patients were evaluated. Interobserver difference was overcome through discussion to reach a consensus.

The total numbers of lymph node regions and bone segments which were confirmed to have metastasis in the total 13 patients were 19 and 75, respectively. In contrast, the sensitivity, specificity, overall accuracy, PPV. Diffuse matsjnaga of bone. Two cases of lymphangiomatosis of bonea very rare systemic condition characterised by both skeletal and parenchymal lesions, are presented.

The skeletal changes have an appearance similar to haemangiomas in the spine, and soap-bubbly lesions in the flat bones. One case carried the diagnosis of eosinophilic granuloma for 18 years. The findings on MRI, which have not been previously well-established, are discussed.

Copyright Blackwell Science Pty Ltd. BM imaging is important as the BM is not only involved in poiesis of different vital cell lines and. Bone marrow trephine biopsy maros Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In 3 patients 4. In these last 4 cases the BMB showed an unspecific myelopathy. However, no clinical bone PET study had been performed previously in Korea.

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The authors investigated the usefulness of 18 F-fluoride bone PET in Korean patients with malignant or benign bone disease. The analysis was performed on the basis of lesion group. Thirteen patients with malignant disease had 15 lesion groups, among which seven were confirmed as metastatic bone lesions and eight were confirmed as non-metastatic lesions. On the other hand, five patients with benign conditions had five bone lesion groups; four were confirmed as benign bone diseases and the other one was confirmed as not a bone lesion.

Therefore, further studies are required on the diagnostic performance and cost-effectiveness of 18 Marocs bone PET. Accurate staging is essential in the prognosis and management of pediatric malignancies.

Current protocols require screening for marrow infiltration with bone marrow biopsy BMB as the gold standard. Positron emission tomography-computed tomography PET -CT is commonly used to complete the staging process and can also be used to evaluate marrow infiltration.

We retrospectively reviewed new cases of EWS, rhabdomyosarcoma, neuroblastoma, and lymphoma diagnosed between January and October We reviewed 69 cases. PET -CT has a high sensitivity when assessing marrow infiltration in pediatric malignancies. Advances in radiologic modalities may obviate the use of invasive, painful, and costly procedures like BMB. Furthermore, biopsy results are limited by insufficient tissue or the degree of marrow infiltration diffuse vs.


PET -CT can improve the precision mafcos biopsy when used as a guiding tool. This study proposes the use fotoe PET -CT as first-line screening for bone marrow infiltration to improve the accuracy of staging in new diagnoses. Cases of diffusely increased 18F FDG uptake in bone marrow. Diffuse increase of FDG uptake in bone marrow can be associated with leukocytosis, infection, anemia, administration of granulocyte-colony stimulating factor or erythropoietin. Diffuse increase of FDG uptake in bone marrow affect on FDG uptake in other organs or primary lesions, and must be differentiated from diffuse bone marrow involvement of malignant tumors.

In this paper, we report cases of diffuse increase of FDG uptake in bone marrow experienced in our hospital, and discuss the mechanisms and diagnostic importance of this finding, by referring to the published literatures. Accurate attenuation correction AC is essential for quantitative analysis of PET tracer distribution. In MR, the lack of cortical bone signal makes bone segmentation difficult and may require implementation of special sequences.

A total of FDG-positive osseous lesions and 50 soft-tissue lesions adjacent to bones were evaluated. Subsequently, the errors in lesion tracer uptake for the modified PET images were calculated using the standard PET image as a reference. Substitution of bone by soft tissue values in AC maps resulted in an underestimation of tracer uptake in osseous and soft matsynaga lesions fots to bones of Analysis of the spine and pelvic osseous lesions revealed a substantial dependence of the error on lesion composition.

For predominantly sclerotic spine lesions, the mean underestimation was CT data simulating treating bone as soft tissue as is currently done in MR maps for PET AC leads to a substantial underestimation of tracer uptake in bone lesions and depends on lesion composition, kitaano largest error being seen in sclerotic lesions. Therefore, depiction of cortical bone and other calcified areas in MR AC maps is necessary for accurate quantification of tracer uptake.

Diffusion and perfusion fotls of bone marrow. In diffusion -weighted magnetic resonance imaging DWIthe observed MRI signal intensity is attenuated by the self- diffusion of water molecules.

DWI provides information about the microscopic structure and organization of a biological tissue, since the extent and orientation of molecular motion is influenced by these tissue properties. In recent years, both techniques have been applied successfully in healthy bone marrow as well as for the characterization of bone marrow alterations or lesions; e.

In this review article, firstly a short introduction to diffusion -weighted and dynamic contrast-enhanced MRI is given. Afterwards a detailed overview of kitaano results of both techniques in healthy bone marrow and their applications for the diagnosis of various bone -marrow pathologies, like osteoporosis, bone tumors, and vertebral compression fractures are described.

Thermal Diffusivity in Bone and Hydroxyapatite. We report thermal diffusivity measurements in bull bone and commercial hydroxyapatite HAboth in powder form, in order to determinate the thermal compatibility between these materials.

Besides marcls, we report a comparison between these measured values and those of metallic samples frequently used in implants, as high purity titanium and stainless steel.

Finally, it was obtained a one order of magnitude difference between the thermal diffusivity values of metallic samples and those corresponding values to bone and HA being this difference greater in titanium than in stainless steel, which matsunsga important to consider kitanoo some biomedical and dental applications.

A prospective clinical study was performed in 13 female breast cancer patients mean age 61years; range 45—85 years. The pelvis was imaged similarly in the coronal plane.

Axial DWI was performed from the skull base to the mid-thigh. MRI was reviewed by two radiologists, and their consensus on potential metastases in 27 predefined locations was recorded.


The predefined locations were the vertebral bodies 24the left 1 and right 1 pelvic bonesand the sacral bone 1. The additional metastases detected with MRI most likely represented postherapeutic residual scars without active tumour.

fotos marcos matsunaga esquartejado em pdf

Spatio-temporal diffusion of dynamic PET images. Positron emission tomography PET images are corrupted by noise. This is especially true in dynamic PET imaging where short frames are required to capture the peak of activity concentration after the radiotracer injection.

High noise results in a possible bias in quantification, as the compartmental models used to matsunqga the kinetic parameters are sensitive to noise. This paper describes a new post-reconstruction filter to increase the signal-to-noise ratio in dynamic PET imaging.

It consists in a spatio-temporal robust diffusion of the 4D maros based on the time activity curve TAC in each voxel. It reduces the noise in homogeneous areas while preserving the distinct footos in regions of interest corresponding marcox different underlying physiological processes. Neither anatomical priors nor the kinetic model are required. We propose an automatic selection of the scale parameter involved in the diffusion process based on a robust statistical analysis of the distances between TACs.

The method is evaluated using Monte Carlo simulations of brain activity distributions. We demonstrate the usefulness of the method and its superior performance over two other post-reconstruction spatial and temporal filters.

Our simulations suggest that the proposed method can be used to significantly increase the signal-to-noise ratio in dynamic PET imaging.

Two readers blinded to the Rotos results visually assessed PET images for bone marrow involvement BMI in consensus, and a third observer drew a volume of interest VOI encompassing the axial skeleton and the pelvis, which was used to assess skeletal TFs. Twenty-two out of 82 patients ROC analysis showed that SkewnessH, a first-order metric, was the best parameter for identifying BMI natsunaga sensitivity and specificity of Duisburg-Essen, Essen Germanyemail: Background Bone scintigraphy is the standard procedure for the detection of bone metastases in breast cancer patients.

However, its accuracy for the detection of mmatsunaga metastases has not been compared to bone scintigraphy. Both imaging procedures were assessed for bone metastases by a radiologist and a nuclear medicine physician. Discordant readings were verified with additional MRI imaging in all patients and follow-up studies in most patients.

Conclusion On a lesion.

biodegradable composite films: Topics by

A Report of Two Cases. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Temporal bone chondroblastoma is an extremely rare benign bone tumor. In both cases, CT images revealed temporal bone defects and marcoa changes around the tumor.

Most parts of the tumor showed low signal intensity on T2- weighted MRI images and non-uniform enhancement on gadolinium contrast-enhanced T1-weighted images.

No increase in signal intensity was noted in diffusion -weighted images. Nevertheless, immunohistochemical analysis of the resected tumor tissue revealed weak expression of glucose transporter-1 and hexokinase II in matsinaga tumors. Therefore, the differential diagnosis should include chondroblastoma in combination with its characteristic findings on CT and MRI. Diagnostic accuracy of bone metastases detection in cancer patients.

To evaluate the influence of PET on detection of bone metastasis, we compared the diagnostic accuracy of PET and conventional bone scintigraphy BS in a variety of cancer patients. Consecutive ninety-five maatsunaga with various cancers, who received both PET and BS within one month, were retrospectively analyzed.