Uses[edit]. Ficus religiosa is used in traditional medicine for about 50 types of disorders including asthma, diabetes, diarrhea, epilepsy. ABSTRACT: In traditional medicine, medicinal plants have been used for the treatment of various diseases. Ficus religiosa is known to be a. Acharya Bal Krishan has given the following medicinal tips for the use of Peepal: 1. For bleeding diarrhoea: Take soft stems of peepal.

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Aqueous extract of F. The bark is of white or brown in medicial. The methanolic extract of stem bark of F. When planting, use soil with a pH of 7 or below.

Ficus religiosa – Useful Tropical Plants

The methanol extract of figs of F. The present review reveals that F. Oral hypoglycaemic plants in West Africa. Journal of Ethanopharmacology ; 2 2: Medicinal plants have fucus properties due to the presence of various complex chemical substances of different composition, which are found as secondary plant metabolites in one or more parts of these plants.

The leaves alone are used to treat constipation. Administration of extract remarkably ameliorated both cellular and humoral antibody response. The immunomodulatory effect of alcoholic extract of the bark of F. Type 2 diabetic rats gained relatively less weight during the course of development as compared to normal rats.


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Vomiting of bright red blood. Chemical composition of fruits and leaves eaten by short- nosed fruit bat, Cynopterus sphinx.

According to the science of Ayurveda, every part of the peepal tree – the leaf, bark, shoot, seeds and its fruit has several medicinal benefits, and it is being used since ancient times to cure many diseases. Indian J Exp Biol. Phytochemistry and Pharmacological properties of Ficus religiosa: Take gms of peepal bark and burn it out and add equal quantity of Kalmi Shora and pour it in ripe banana and eat one such banana each day and it will cure swelling of spline swelling.

Pharmacological activities present in Ficus religiosa: You will get rid of impotency and give strength to the body. Antioxidant Properties of Ficus Species-A review. In take of this mixture thrice in a day is very effective in this problem. World is endowed with a rich wealth of medicinal plants. Rsligiosa of health and family welfare, department of Ayush.

In the Middle Eastit usss preferably planted as an avenue or road verge tree.

In Theravada Buddhist Southeast Asiathe tree’s massive trunk is often the site of Buddhist or animist shrines. Eat mushrooms for breakfast. It was most probably brought to these countries from Indian subcontinent in late 19th or early 20th century during the British Empire.


Ficus religiosa

Vice Chancellor, Banasthali University, for his support and encouragement. Indian J Pharm Sci. Ghose kindly sent me a supply of the remedy, and I have had very satisfactory results with the x potency in controlling menorrhagia.

Taking 40 ml tea of this leaf is equally effective. Urine contains much blood. Encyclopedia of Indian medicinal plants.

It has good superoxide scavenging potential comparable to that of ascorbic acid and maximum reductive potential comparable to that of gallic acid and tannic acid. Bark is used in healing ulcers, various skin diseases and scabies and in treatment of diabetes 7, Take 50 gms peepali bark ash and add lime and ghee properly and make the paste of the mixture.

This suggests that extract showed the analgesic effect probably by inhibiting synthesis or action of prostaglandins Phytochemistry can be defined as chemistry of plants or chemical composition of plants.

It will increase sex power. CaliforniaFlorida and Hawaii are the only states to have a known distribution of the species.