Studies by Washabau, et al. have shown that in naturally occurring cases of feline megacolon, sections of longitudinal and circular smooth muscle of all parts of. Constipation is defined as the infrequent or difficult evacuation of stool. It is a common problem in cats, may be acute or chronic and does not. Megacolon occurs more frequently in cats than dogs and is usually seen in middle-aged to geriatric cats. The ascending, transverse, and.

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Colonic impaction is the accumulation of hardened feces in the pelvic colon and is the consequence of constipation, obstipation or megacolon.

Megacolon and Constipation in Cats

Many surgical techniques for the management of feline idiopathic megacolon have been described, including coloplasty and partial or subtotal colectomy. To diagnose feline idiopathic megacolon, the following must be eliminated from the list of diagnostic differentials: Chronic fecal impaction results in mucosal ulceration and inflammation and risk of perforation.

Vaccine for Malignant Melanoma. Let other pet parents know what you think. Enemas given too rapidly may cause vomiting, pose a risk for colonic perforation and may be passed too rapidly for the fecal mass to be softened by them. Some feel that a sedentary lifestyle may contribute to the development of constipation and ultimately megacolon. Published dose recommendations are 2. How long does it take lily plant poisoning to get out of a cats system?


Often the underlying cause is dehydration and is easily managed by supportive hydration, via oral, nutritional or parenteral means.

If there is severe straining, mucous or blood may be passed.

These tests further showed that the smooth muscle was less responsive to neurotransmitters acetylcholine, substance P and cholecystokininmembrane depolarization using potassium chloride and electrical field stimulation when compared to colonic segments from healthy controls.

Digital rectal examination under sedation or anaesthesia should be performed in all cats to rule-out pelvic fracture, malunion, rectal diverticulum, perineal hernia, anorectal stricture, foreign body, neoplasia or polyps.

Cisapride is in a class of medications called “colonic prokinetic agents. Gastritis in the Cheetah. If the constipation becomes more severe or recurs, the cat usually needs to be hospitalized so the dehydration can be corrected.

The prognosis is very good for recovery. Felinr are constipation and megacolon treated? Control of Estrous Cycle. Rectal suppositories see Box are available to manage mild constipation, but their use requires an amenable pet and compliant pet owner.

Pathogenesis, diagnosis, and therapy of feline idiopathic megacolon.

Claw and Footpad Diseases. One example, which has been used in cats, is bisacodyl Dulcolax TM5 mg PO q24hwhich acts by stimulating nitric oxide-mediated epithelial call secretion and myenteric neuronal depolarization. White petrolatum and mineral oil are the most common examples of lubricant laxatives, but we do not recommend oral administration of mineral oil because of the risk for aspiration.


A barium series may be recommended, as well as a colonoscopy, which would require anesthesia. PCR for Babesia canis. Constipation is a common problem in cats and in a severe form called “megacolon,” the large intestine actually becomes enlarged and filled with hard fecal material.

Verapamil and the ECG. Share Share it Tweet Pin it Share it. Low quality food can cause obesity, this would be the most common problem.

Mild constipation generally responds to a diet change in which more fiber is added to the diet. Pork is rarely found in commercial dog foods, if he is allergic to pork only then any dry biscuits available will be pork free unless it says otherwise on the label.

Dilated megacolon is the end-stage condition of idiopathic colonic dysfunction. Partial colectomy has fallen out of favor because differentiation between normal and abnormal tissue based on gross mgeacolon at the time of surgery is impossible. Dietary fiber is preferable because it is well tolerated, more effective, and more physiologic compared with other laxatives. Head mwgacolon Spine Injuries.