EvalueServe Placement Paper. Profile: Evalueserve(EVS) is a full-service Business Intelligence, Market Research and Intellectual Property Services Firm. Evalueserve Placement papers with selction procedure of the company and comapny profile,interview experience for all companies, it also provides description. Evalueserve Placement-Paper Dec ,Evalueserve Placement papers with selction procedure of the company and comapny profile,interview experience.

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Evalueserve Placement Papers

In interview they will ask some questions like. Only II follows 2. Question 4 Which code stands for “Brazil” in a code language in which “Mob” stands for “Argentina. You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.

Only II follows 3. None of these Question 2 If this series is of English alphabet, in which some letters are represented by numerals or symbols, which letter is represented by the element which is exactly midway between11th element from the left and the 10th element from the right?

EvalueServe Placement Paper Profile: It will be hard. All offices are prisons Conclusions I. Generally, every interview system has HR round and Technical round. If is essential for everyone to understand the determinants of effective leadership. Do NOT mark your answer unless you consider both the statements carefully. None of these Question 3 How many such letters are there in the above series, each of which is immediately preceded by a numeral and immediately followed by a symbol?


Only Conclusion II is true 3. How may times did he step on the particular square? In paper there will be an aptitude paper. My friend appeared for the paper of Evalue serve in October He is allowed to try times and gets an amount of Rs.

There will be questions about that. All the three follow 3. An assumption is something supposed or taken for granted. Humble Question 2 If the following alphabet were written in the reverse order, which will be the fifth letter to the right of the eleventh letter from the evaluesefve Some factories are offices. Tax laws in India are draconian and inadequate. Only I and III follow 3.

Get Evalueserve Past Papers for Job Preparation

I am confident that papres various tests that you have conducted will corroborate my competencies aptitude and right attitude for the job. None of these Question 5 Katthak can be organized on: How will you calculate number of cricket fans in India? The flat occupied by B is not in the middle.


I am quick in learning from mistakes. All principals are grounds.

All teachers are schools. Read the following information and answer the questions.

Mountain is either greater than or equal to Ocean 5. All fans are letters 1. Which is the one that does not belong to that group? Read both the statements and — Give answer 1 if the data in Statement I alone are sufficient to answer the question, while the data in Statement Ecalueserve alone are not sufficient to answer the question.

Assuming that all the given statements are True, decide which of the given conclusions logically follow placemet from the given statements. Only I and III follow 5.