ENRAF-NONIUS ATG Interface. Tank Gauging Protocols Manual. ENRAF INTRODUCTION. The interface between BBI’s Network // Honeywell Enraf ATG Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Honeywell Enraf ATG Installation Manual. Honeywell Enraf series ATG servo gauge is a reliable, versatile and accurate automatic tank level MB; Honeywell Enraf Servo Gauge ATG Manual.

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Documents Flashcards Grammar checker. Reproduction in any form without the prior consent of Enraf B. This manual is for information only. The contents, descriptions and specifications are subject to change without notice.

The warranty terms and conditions applicable in the country arg purchase in respect to Enraf B. Please retain them with your proof of purchase. Page 2 Preface Preface This manual is intended for technicians involved with the commissioning and service of the Honeywell Enraf series Advanced Technology Gauge. A description preceding the technical procedures gives the technical information necessary to understand its functioning.

It is recommended to read this description prior to performing any of the procedures. This manual describes the commissioning, maintenance and trouble shooting of the basic ATG level measurement.

Other attg such as: For an overview, refer to the list of related documents in Appendix F. Legal aspects The information in this manual is copyright property of Enraf Maanual. Deviation from any of the prescribed procedures;! Execution of activities that are not prescribed;! Negligence of the general safety precautions for handling tools, use of electricity and microwave radiation.

Additional information Please do not hesitate to contact Honeywell Enraf or its representative if you require additional enrwf. The ATG has four programmable level alarms, and also provides diagnostic information. This information can be displayed on the internal display, the Portable Enraf Terminal PET as well as on remote systems. Optionally, the instrument can be provided with software for density measurement of the stored product.

The ATG can be supplied with an optional board called: HCU board to interface optional equipment as: Refer to the below table: Page 6 Snraf 1.

The displacer is suspended from a strong, flexible measuring wire which is stored on a precisely grooved measuring drum. The shaft of the drum is connected to the stepper motor via a magnetic coupling. The apparent weight of tag displacer is measured by a force transducer. The actual output of the force transducer is compared with a desired value for the apparent weight of the displacer.

If a discrepancy exists between measured and desired value, an advanced software control module adjusts the position of the stepper motor. The resulting difference between measured and desired value will cause a variation in the position of the stepper motor and consequently raise or lower the position of the displacer until the measured value equals the desired value.

To avoid oscillations, a certain hysteresis and integration time is software adjustable. This results in a stable and accurate averaged level measurement. The stepper motor turns one revolution for every 10 mm of vertical movement of the displacer.


One revolution is divided into steps, therefore one step agg equivalent to 0. This resolution is direct consequence of the stepper motor principle. The correct functioning of the stepper motor is continuously checked. This is achieved by decoding the unique pattern of an encoder disk mounted on the motor shaft. This causes the stepper motor processor to move the displacer to a position where the apparent weight of the displacer matches a pre-programmed set point.

Knowing the volume of the displacer, its weight in air, and manula measured apparent weight, the relative density of the product at each position of the displacer can be calculated.

The software for the density measurement is available as an option. Density measurement is an optional module of the SPU software.

The table below gives an overview of all options and related manuals. The instrument is suitable for flammable liquids refer to the explosion proof certification data below.

For other applications contact Honeywell Enraf. For medium pressure versions till 6 barthe ATG drum compartment housing is of aluminum, and for chemical version it is of stainless steel.

For high pressure version max. The housing of the ATG is explosion-proof: A magnetic coupling transfers the drum movement hence, displacer movement to electronic compartment.

Wiring for intrinsically safe options, such as temperature or pressure measurement, is fed via two separate cable entries. The ATG covers can optionally be provided with sealing facilities on blocking devices, which prevents unauthorized opening. Warning Improper installation of cable glands, conduits or stopping plugs Will invalidate the Ex approval of the ATG. The sequence of steps manua, a procedure may also be important from the point of view of personal safety and prevention of damage; it is therefore advised not to change the sequence of procedure steps or modify any procedure in any other way.

Warning In hazardous areas it is compulsory to use personal protection and safety gear such as: Avoid possible manjal of static electricity. Use non-sparking tools and explosion proof testers. Manuxl not open any of the instrument covers while power is still connected. Never start working before the work permit is signed by all parties.

Instruction manual series ATG level gauge

Arg attention to the kind of product in the tank. If any danger for health, wear a gas mask and take all necessary precautions. A Warning concerns danger to the safety of the technician or user;! A Caution draws attention to an action which may damage the equipment;!

A Note points out a statement deserving more emphasis than the general text, but does not deserve a “Warning” or a “Caution”. Page 10 Commissioning 3 Commissioning Caution Keep screw thread from the compartment covers free from dirt. Grease them lightly with an acid-free grease before closing the instrument. When closing, turn the covers counter-clockwise until the thread clicks into place, then turn clockwise. Refer to the installation guide Advanced Technology Gauge.


Check the correct orientation of the gauge with respect to the tank.

Instruction manual series 854 ATG level gauge

Check that the O-ring and gaskets are supplied. Check that the mains voltage selector of the ATG indicates the local mains supply. Check the connections of all electrical cabling. Check the ground connection of the ATG to the tank. Check that non-used cable inlets are sealed amnual appropriate stopping plugs. Mmanual carefully all covers mind the O-rings before any electrical power is applied. A tool set for commissioning and maintenance is available from Honeywell Enraf see figure 3.

Remove the drum compartment cover rear cover. Check whether the drum shaft is properly positioned in the drum. Attach the smallest of the four test weights or another small weight to the measuring wire, remove the 84 band securing the measuring wire and feed the wire and test weight through the neck of the gauge see figure 3.

Insert the measuring drum onto its enfaf. Check the axial free-play of the drum as follows: Push the drum towards the magnet cap in such a way that the drum shaft meets the magnet cap.

Bring the drum in a slight vibration. The drum and drum should eenraf move towards you with a eenraf movement of minimum 1 mm and maximum 2. Note the engraved drum circumference value on a piece of paper for later use.

There are several numbers engraved on the measuring drum. The number you are looking for has a value of approximately mm for example: Page 12 Commissioning 3. If a density displacer is used, note the engraved displacer weight and displacer volume on a piece of paper for later use. Remove the test weight and attach the displacer to the wire through a mounting hatch. If there is no mounting hatch available, the displacer can be installed by temporarily removing the gauge from the nozzle.

To provide electrical contact between the measuring wire and displacer, thus permitting the discharge of manua electricity and preventing loss of the displacer, the displacer must be secured to the measuring wire. Take an extra piece of wire and fasten one end to the measuring wire, pass the other end through the hole in the end of the displacer hook. Secure this end several times around the hook see figure 3.

Close the drum compartment cover. After installing the measuring fnraf and displacer, the motor block locking device must be unlocked. Open the electronic compartment cover front cover. Locate the transport bracket see figure 3.

Loosen do not remove the Allen key screw and turn the transport bracket mqnual opposite way. Use screwdriver for Allen key screws M4 item 8 of the Honeywell Enraf tool set. Fix the Allen key screw of the transport bracket.