The Swan Thieves is a novel by American author Elizabeth Kostova. The ” old painter” described in the book before the first chapter is Alfred Sisley. The Swan Thieves: A Novel [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Psychiatrist Andrew Marlow, devoted to his profession. The Swan Thieves [Elizabeth Kostova] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. trade 1st edition 1st printing paperback, fine In stock shipped from.

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Now for an intermission of baby animal pictures. The ending was a bit abrupt, or anti-climatic perhaps? The author chose such an enthralling s First let me say that I have had this book on at the library since the fall of and just recieved and read it. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

She is married to a Bulgarian scholar. But if you delight in a well-crafted plot thieces is peeled away layer by layer, then this makes the grade for sure. Oct 23, Elizabeth Miss Eliza rated it did not like it Shelves: View all 55 comments. I imagine the meeting sounding something like this. Elizabetj not how life works. Books by Elizabeth Kostova.

We can’t come across an elderly character without hearing how his this is always used for men, there aren’t old ladies in this book really skin is transparent.

I do wonder if male readers have sensed the same shadow, found the voice of Dr.

This time out, Kostova’s central character, Andrew Marlow, has a license to ask prying questions as he unravels the secrets and pursues the truth, because he is a psychiatrist. A clever, if somewhat soapy, retelling of the Dracula myth, The Historian flattered its readers with its aura of academic seriousness and set the stage for the current wave of vampire chic.

It was all the rage when it came out, and Kostova was under some pressure to replicate the success of that book.

Great the main character is a gifted psychiatrist who can ‘make a stone talk’. I was lured by the story of the painter, Robert Oliver, and the women and psychiatrist who circled his life: The narrative induces the elegance of France, while still placing the thives carefully back into the modern era.


The Swan Thieves

A story of obsession, art, fictional artists past and present, mental illness and longing for love. But one day he is found in the National Gallery in Washington, attempting to damage a painting of Leda and the Swan. I really enjoyed The Swan Thieves and I’m glad I read it, but I don’t really like books when they try to pull a bunch of mental illness stuff into the mix, for reasons I’d rather not discuss.

In addition, she creates dimensional characters Marlow, Kate, Mary, Henri Robinsonwhose “little” struggles, sufferings and unexpected joys reflect ordinary,flawed, believable human beings. View all 3 comments.

Exquisite prose and a dose of romance without being overly sentimental furthered my overall enjoyment.

The Swan Thieves — Elizabeth Kostova

A woman in the audience noted that novels seem to be getting shorter and shorter, although we pay the same price whether for pages orand that readers often excuse this brevity particularly if the writer is considered “really quite literary after all.

There is love and heartbreak, partnership and betrayal, but passion is elucidated–passion and the treachery of purpose. I was able to figure out “the twist” fairly quickly. One is with her husband’s uncle. I think because of that lowish average I went in to this book expecting a little less…but I thought this book was amazing.

I liked learning so much about art in this novel; it’s been a long time since my college art classes! A little ghost story to add to the tortured artist meme would have been a juicy plot. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. If Oliver would speak, we’d understand why he did what he did, end of story. There are many things to admire. Maybe this could have been a well-written Da Vinci Codewith hints about Robert Oliver’s condition discovered in his paintings.

It’s not like he gets much medical treatment in any of the pages of the book. Order by newest oldest recommendations. It’s another historical thriller of sorts which swaps the eastern Europe of Vlad the Impaler for 19th-century Paris and the birth of impressionism. No, actually it isn’t, and this is why I’m now in number 4.


I was so so so excited to dive into it.

Perhaps there should elizabdth been a “Robert” section – one in which he told his story. Personally, I am disappointed by the number of readers criticizing this book for such reasons.

Kostova’s writing is beautiful and descript Now, I have not read The Historian I do plan on reading it so this was my first exposure to Ms. What is with that? Like Telegraph Books on Facebook. The reader wishes for the book never to end, because the atmosphere is mesmerising and totally thievex.

First I win a book I only entered to win to tear it apart, swann then I win this book which I also didn’t like. He comes off as just a gossip junkie, worming his way into the lives of the women around this famous painter. The essential gift book for any pet lover – real-life tales of devoted dogs, rebellious cats and other unforgettable four-legged friends.

A fine book, decent for a best seller, but not terribly satisfying. The majority of the book comprises the memories and insights of these people told in the voice of that particular individual, and so takes place outside the narrative tbe is really a convenient framework for these first person interludes.

In the caseit wasn’t to be. Slowly, the answers become clear. Well, as you might have guessed, just as Awan has demonstrated her inability to create convincing modern characters, she is equally bad at creating believable Victorians. View all 39 comments. But Kostova doesn’t properly question this.