Eim Habanim Semeichah: On Eretz Yisrael, Redemption, and Unity [Yisachar Shlomo Teichtal, Moshe Lichtman] on *FREE* shipping on. Eim Habanim Semeichah: On Eretz Yisrael,. Redemption, and Unity. By Rabbi Yisachar Shlomo Teichtal. Translated by Rabbi Moshe Lichtman. Kol Mevaser. Eim Habanim Semeichah, written in , is Rabbi Teichtal’s comprehensive treatise on Settlement in Eretz Yisrael, Messianic Redemption, and Jewish Unity.

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Eim Habanim Semeichah

It explains exactly how I feel about all these issues but adds a Torah source. I was amazed at the breadth and depth of the Wikipedia article on “Yissachar Shlomo Teichtal;” and adopt the section “Zionism” from this article for a synthesis of this book. It is our task to truly make our mother — the Land of Israel — happy with her children — habwnim people of Israel.

Tova Amor added it Mar 21, In Eim Habanim SemeichahTeichtal humbly yet proudly confesses to his previous errors of judgment and misguided interpretations of Jewish faith. This rabbi of Munkacs was the fiercest foe of all types of Zionism.

The purpose of his work now is to call on his fellow, learned Jews, strictly observing of Torah precepts, to recant their blind and wrong opposition to Zionism. Teichtal zt”l was a Munkatcher Chassid who decided that Munkatch probably as vehemently anti-Zionist as Satmar had it all wrong, at least when it comes to making aliya. Return to Book Page.

Zalman Nechemyah Goldberg shlita: Blame for the misdeeds, errors and excesses of the secular Zionists, and for their impact on Jewish life and governance of Eretz Yisrael, rests heavily upon the shoulders of the Torah Jews who despised them, condemned their efforts or simply failed to join, support and guide them.

Shira rated it it was amazing Dec 13, The Jewish people will find refuge from their troubles, he argues, only if they unite to rebuild the Land. So far, I have only got through the introductions 90 pages and find it fascinating and full of sources for why one should make Aliyah.


Eim Habanim Semeichah: On Eretz Yisrael, Redemption, And Unity

The purpose of his work now is to call on his fellow, learned Jews, strictly observing of Torah precepts, to recant their blind and wrong opposition to Zionism.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I was happy to hear from my dear friend, R. Thoughtful Jews, interested in hearing the opinion of a great Torah scholar on the crucial matters of faith and policy that face world Jewry, must read [ Eim Habanim Semeichah ].

Religious Zionism must therefore be self-critical, constantly evaluating its own Torah integrity and correcting for deviations.

I have purchased a copy and have read pages so far. We only hope that Jews the world over will absorb its message and apply it in practice. The attitude of Diaspora Jewry, especially Orthodox Jewry, towards the role of Israel could stand improvement in the current times of crisis and challenge in Israel.

Eim HaBanim Semeicha

He has paraphrased Teichtal, and done some important editing in order to make the book much more readable. Chayim Menachem Teichtal shlitathat the wonderful book written by his brilliant, righteous, and semeuchah father, R.

There, in the attic in which he was hiding, with virtually no books at his disposal, Rabbi Teichtal began the writing of Eim Habanim Semeichah, which he completed in one year. Kressel Housman marked it as to-read Mar 28, It is an important contribution that this work has been made available to the English speaking public.

Es added it Jun 21, The settlement of Eretz Yisrael is, according to the author, the beginning of a process of repentance and unification that will result in the Messianic Era. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. It is truly a priceless treasure.

Moshe Lichtman shlita took the initiative to translate this book into English, so that the Jewish masses who do not understand the Holy Tongue Hebrew can benefit [from it]. He also finds merit in the settlement efforts of the non-religious chalutzim, although he exhorts them to adopt Torah observance. Although the term Zionism is plainly anachronistic in reference to those Torah luminaries, it is nevertheless accurately descriptive of their beliefs insofar as we understand it in the sense described above.


The saintly author, R. In this, it is no different than any other Jewish organization or movement dedicated to a particular Torah value.

Views Read Edit View history. When deportations began inhe and his family went into hiding. Today, unfortunately, there is much confusion, even among Torah-Jews, on the issue of Eretz Yisrael, which is a vast discipline in the Torah.

Refresh and try again. We therefore take great pride in presenting this masterpiece to the English-speaking public. Properly understood and practiced, Zionism no more implies commitment to a political, cultural or social ideology extraneous to ones Torah convictions than Monotheism implies confession of a philosophical, theological or religious doctrine extraneous to fundamental Jewish belief. The book was actually originally published during the Shoah. The saintly author, R.

Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. His book, however, was deposited with a gentile family and retrieved by his daughter after the war. Norman Sohn marked it as to-read Feb 05, Trivia About Eim Habanim Semei Site hosted by SPD – www.

The annihilation of unprecedented numbers of his fellow Jews forced him to seek explanations. Is marked it as to-read Nov 16, In the book, Rabbi Teichtal strongly criticizes the Haredim for not supporting the settlement of the Land of Israel. Transformed into a grotesque caricature of its holy source, it led to a variety of regrettable consequences from which the sensitive Jewish soul instinctively recoils.

Choosing one over the other is in my opinion simply a matter of subjective taste. Had they done so, Jewish life and governance in Eretz Yisrael not to mention the fate of European Jewry would have been of an entirely different character, far more in keeping with Torah ideals and long-cherished Jewish expectations. Much of this remarkable work has been proven prophetic by the passage of time.