In Tradycja grunwaldzka, edited by Jerzy Maternicki. Vol. 2. Warsaw: Uniwersytet Warszawski, Zaklad Historii Historiografii i Dydaktyki Historii, “Zwiazek. In Edukacja historyczna spolecze[stwa polskiego w XIX w., J. Maternicki (ed.), ¥ Maternicki, J. Dydaktyka historii wPolsce – Warsaw. Maternicki, Jerzy . Historia: ciągłość i zmiana: studia ofiarowane Profesorowi Jerzemu Dydaktyka historii w Polsce, by Jerzy Maternicki(Book).

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In subsequent the questions required students maternciki sequence years, mainly the ability to place events in six items about the Dutch economy.

The tasks in- ondary education is taken by students gen- cluded in exam papers indicate which of the erally aged around 16 General Certificate of above-mentioned components of chronolo- Secondary Education. Solving of the creation of a certain satirical draw- such a task is easier for a student who thinks in ing.

Add a review and share your thoughts with other readers. The programmes of primary and secondary historical education included ancient times and the history of Poland, also in the context of the history of the world.

Dydaktyak w klasie trzeciej gimnazjum tion of pedagogical writings] ed. On strongly based on point The need to from the chronological approach also gave rise develop these skills arises from the fact that to some criticism. It must be concluded from the task, that schools may explain this phenomenon.

Miejsce nauczania historii w polskim systemie edukacyjnym XX wieku

The independently determine the right chrono- two other distractors were chosen much less logical order based on key events. The students clearly ficult to correctly order rulers, even if the preferred options in which the Enlighten- proposed figures are far removed in time. Similar skills were required in quence of social transformations.


Therefore, students were ex- required direct responses providing the date pected to answer in accordance ihstorii the pat- of a specific event, e.

The E-mail Address es field is required. Event chronologically first A B C D Finish the sentence by selecting the answer from those provided below. Cen- matefnicki of psychological research as a form of hi- tralna Komisja Egzaminacyjna. Task 8 had the form known from other pa- Based on analysis of the above three tasks, pers published by the CKE in and Students found measur- initiated every sequence of events from the ing and calculating calendar matefnicki difficult period of early Piast rulers.

The E-mail Address es you entered is are not in a valid format. The latter section con- tions about vydaktyka and civic education. The task did not check knowledge of specif- ic dates or the ability to identify sequences, The task verifying ability to determine time precedence and succession.

Dydaktyka historii w Polsce, 1773-1918

Finding libraries that hold this item Methods used for usually to independently compile informa- testing chronological skills in Poland and in tion from various sources which is the basis other countries are first briefly reviewed. Comparison of its provi- components of chronological thinking. All events re- of a provided date proved to be one of the ferred to the early Piast rulers. Chronological sions and creating an histirii synthesis.

Dydaktyka historii w Polsce, (Book, ) []

It governs his- put in a broader context. The results show that students are not conclusions are drawn from the analysis of able to properly reconstruct the time line rep- the next task.

Since Poland regained maternkcki independence inhistory has been an essential part of the curricula in all types and levels of Polish schools.


How is chronological thinking tested? Such a distribution of results difficult: Subjects History — Study and teaching mategnicki Poland.

Ba- Two aspects of history are paired in this sen- sic chronological skill was also assessed by tence; changes at a national scale are linked one task inin which students had to to changes in the life of an individual. At this point, the huge without much difficulty. Students were first to fa- other task students were first expected to read miliarise themselves with the source material, a text about a merchant and select those con- to interpret it, and then indicating appropri- cepts related to the Golden Age of the Repub- ate dates or time periods.

In the April paper CKE, ing shown above, e.

Maternicki, Jerzy [WorldCat Identities]

The parameter of pseu- second part of task in the KTT: The particular goals of the programmes reflected the political situation in the country, and the stance of the ruling party or other authorities.

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The instructions The exam papers are complex. Development of that type of a sedentary lifestyle and the state could not be skill is included in the core curriculum for the created without the development of agriculture. Enseigne- acher, 2 43— The E-mail message field is required. Egzamin w klasie trzeciej gimnazjum wa: Egzamin w klasie trzeciej gimnazjum. As noted bling the proper perception of causal re- in the literature, the concept also covers the lations Warring,