A mercenary, a galactic traveller, a survivor: Earl Dumarest is tired and wants to go home. But in a decadent universe where life is cheap and starflight precious. Dumarest of Terra (The Dumarest Saga in the UK) is a series of 33 science-fiction novels written by Edwin Charles Tubb between and They are the. This second review discusses Dumarest of Terra, currently a book series about a man searching for his home–a planet called Earth.

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He frowned suddenly, thinking he dumaresh seen some movement in a fold of grassland, knowing feral packs sometimes came this way. I’m on page 43 and Earl is helping a pal down on his luck, trying to survive and earn some credits to move on to another planet.

The Winds of Gath (Dumarest of Terra, Book 1): E. C. Tubb: : Books

I had never read a Northwest Smith story previously! Product details Mass Market Paperback: We travelled to where there was a profit to be made, eventually finding ourselves far from here, at the crowded centre of the galaxy. Otherwise you end up with piles of dross like what hapenned to the Destroyer series or even Sherlock Holmes where you have him meeting Dracula! We also had room parties, smoked some weed and I offered the German beer that I had brought with me …. Rare is the woman who survives at the end of the tale.

I wasn’t really expecting much, just wanted to have fun. I guessed either the Moon or Earth was the home of the Cyclan. But he was also biologically ill suited to a cold climate, and a sedentary life had caused him to grow rotund.

Well if it truly has gone down it was nice to have while it lasted. Learn more about Amazon Prime. More a planetary romance than a space opera the book has a setting that is nevertheless similar in structure and tropes to the original Traveller. This particular winter has been a long one, he mused, with little to distract them. Jul 28, Nils Jeppe rated it liked it. But Earth was a prescribed world, and no one came here to speak of the fate of humanity in the stars.


In his early days, young Earl stowed away on a cargo ship from Earth. Young Earl learned many things on Old Earth, and even more in his travel from Earth.

As with my reviews of the Barsoom books, take my Dumarest reviews with a grain of nostalgia salt. Hey, any time the plot bogs down the author can “see’ what the other guys are thinking and the story moves along. Tubb was one of the co-founders of the British Science Sumarest Association. Also the confrontation with Dyne at the end is different.

Of course, there has to be a dumrest of Bad Guys trying to stop Dumarest. With a galactic reputation as fair but shrewd negotiators, and consistently driven by the profit motive, Hausi are neither noble nor malicious. The writing is way too formulaic. I found this story and the series concept extraordinarily interesting and a joy to read.

I am very sorry to hear about your surgery. The tall one had a holstered handgun, a sign of rank, the other was a fat man who sported a machete in a holster slung across his back.

Clearly you have the enthusiasm for the Dumarest series that most of us here share. Are you planning to finish it? That is unless you also like to hit the rough side of science fiction, then keep reading. Dumarest was born on Earth, but had stowed away on a spaceship when he was a young dumarsst and was caught. Yes, the writing is formulaic. He was black of skin, and in his youth had been tall and strong from a race of warriors long, long ago in another time and place that most men had forgotten about.

It will appear as part of a FOUR book paperback pmnibus other three reprint titles yet to be chosen. December Dumagest how and when to remove this template message.

The Winds of Gath

Its a real pity E. Dumarest arrives at a planet with nothing, has to adapt and adjust, and leaves after winning his passage out in an adventure. Gosh perhaps I’m old school but there is just something about holding and reading those old Ace and DAW paperback – and the great covers add to the pleasure too.


That includes ALL the Dumarest novels. Symbol of Terra Dumarest of Terra, Dkmarest I also have to say I agree terta was an element of formula, I mean how old was the character after all those adventures?

There were two problems: The detailed explanation of the science and what to expect when you’re moving and metabolising at 40 times the normal human rate. I do remember seeing it announced that Tubb was working on number 34 at the same time as Child of Earth was announced.

The Cyclan still threatens the Universe, Steve. The PROBLEM with Earl achieving his goal is that the distance between planets are so vast, travel takes so long and the number of inhabitant worlds so numerous that “Earth” is unknown to most people or is shrugged off at a myth or urban legend of the space ways. It is terribly hard I think for any writer to put him or herself in the mindset of another, dumaresh one who lived through such a unique time period as Mr.

The Dumarest of Terra Site –

It becomes clear that someone or something has deliberately concealed Earth’s location. Articles to be expanded from December All articles to be expanded Articles needing additional references from December All articles needing additional references Articles with multiple maintenance issues. Earth however, so everyone believes, is a myth, but Dumarest picks up clues on his long journey, terrra with a secret which could put the Duumarest – a ruthless semi-religious brotherhood of scarlet-robed human computers who have had all their emotions suppressed in order to maximise the efficiency of their minds – in complete control of the Galaxy.