Dreadnought: Britain, Germany, and the Coming of the Great War. Robert K. Massie, Author, Robert D. Loomis, Editor Random House (NY) $35 (p) ISBN . A gripping chronicle of the personal and national rivalries that led to the twentieth century’s first great arms race, from Pulitzer Prize winner. Buy Dreadnought: Britain, Germany and the Coming of the Great War by Robert K Massie (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low.

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Jackie Fisher, by the way, is an absolutely fascinating character.

Robert K. Massie

Then there was England and France’s Entente Cordiale, an informal agreement triggered by France’s engagement with Germany, which was, in turn, implicated by Germany’s invasion of Belgium which was thought necessary to win any war with France.

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Oh my goodness you should have seen my little face when we opened this package this morning. As Director of Production at Ballantine, it is such a privilege to be part of the team that participates in bringing to a large audience such a great piece of writing.

Drearnought result was a restoration of the balance of power in Europe. To ask other readers questions about Dreadnoughtplease sign up. Thus, for someone who, like me, is interested in how and to roberh extent these events influenced “ordinary” people, this book was often tough going.

Much of this drama is due to the previous fifty years of history that he leads the reader through to better understand the context of that fateful summer. Massie [is] a master of historical portraiture and anecdotage. About the author s. Yet, for all the glory, Kipling may have helped distract the British populace from the vast naval buildup taking place, and the fact that Imperial Germany, on the robegt sincewas about to surpass Great Britain in raw production of coal and steel, madsie soon in naval weight and might and cutting-edge technology.

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This book turns Kaiser Wilhelm – Willie – from a crude caricature into something resembling a pitiable human being.

We cleansed our beards of the mutton-grease, We lay on the mats and were filled with peace, And the talk slid north, and the talk slid south, With the sliding puffs from the hookah-mouth. His love for the Royal Navy prompted him to build his own grand navy, not even to drive Britannia from dreadnoufht waves, but as a projection of his own glory and the glory of Germany.

Wilhelm II was thus partially raised in a maritime culture, deeply at odds with his paternal homeland of Prussia. He throws some tonnage out, and the number of guns, but he never explains why this steel behemoth became so important – the nuclear weapons of the s. He also expressed no interest in German overseas colonies, and in fact encouraged French colonialism as a means of distracting them from the loss of Alsace and Lorraine in Masssie should be read as a preface to “Castles of Steel” also by Massie.

Massie brings to vivid life, such historical figures as the “A classic [that] covers superbly a whole era The mmassie entangling alliances are also covered. A fantastic book, a joy to read.


This is an insomnia cure right here. View all 5 comments. Inspired by Your Browsing History. Massie Limited preview – One avoids the thumbing-back-a-few-pages in search of a date or a setting that one sometimes encounters when reading history. The other major figure is Churchill, who played an important role at the Admiralty in the planning and production of further dgeadnought and whose exciting early mwssie is also described at length.

The book manages to compile its robetr material in such a way that An excellent and in depth read which covers the lead up to the Great War with a specific naval edge. For those fascinated by British or German political history and biography during the period, however, it will be a real treat. Massie has written a rkbert textured and gripping chronicle of the personal and national rivalries that led to the twentieth century’s first great arms race.


And only once in the entire volume does Massie step away from simple descriptive narrative: Somewhat classical in its approach–great persons, great events, great battles–but I find it interesting only because I’ve been looking for a good Rogert history read for some time, and I know very little about any of the subjects in this book.

I’m enjoying learning about the origins of the German Empire–I’m sure I learned about this guy in high school, but what an crazy dude Otto von Bismarck was. For one thing, it is considerably longer, and could safely be reduced to a similar length. Although supposedly focussing on the naval arms race betwee A fantastic book, a joy drewdnought read. Here, the French brave the perils of the Sahara only to wearily watch a British flotilla approach Fashoda. Dreadnoughts, takes you right up to the door step of that change.

The people that influenced the shaping of and unfortunate events that lead to the war to end all wars. Account Options Sign in.

View all 12 comments. Jan 31, Alan Clark rated it liked it.

Dreadnought (Robert Massie) – book review

This book is not only a monster in scope – a tomb as one might say, but it is so over the top specific to the point of never-ending. In a book titled Dreadnoughabout the titular battleship that reigned supreme on the oceans, there is not a single description of said ship.

It’s our weekly staff picks! Throughout the book he provides us with detailed portraits of all the major political characters from both Britain and Germany during the period covered. Massie went to work as a journalist for Newsweek from to and then took a position at the Saturday Evening Post. I love him, dreadnoight I love his books. Jun 27, Pages Buy.