Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons () – Ancient Creatures of Legend Endless tomes recount epic tales illuminating the might and majesty. Draconomicon: The Book of Dragons (Dungeons & Dragons) [Andy Collins, James Wyatt, Skip Williams] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. (Draconomicon, p. 67) [General] in: DND, Feats, e,. and 2 more. Draconomicon · Draconomicon Feats. Draconomicon Feats. Edit · Classic editor · History.

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Draconomicon Feats | World Walker Chronicles Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

The Fang Dragon, reprinted from the Faerun monster manual, is absoltely one of my most favorite evil dragons, a pure monster. Your breath weapon has its normal effects, but also remains as a lingering cloud of the same shape and size as the original breath weapon. For example, an old silver dragon breathing an enlarged cone of cold produces a foot cone instead of a foot cone.

If the book tells dragons how drqgons kill players, it returns the favor in Chapter 3.

I understand that Wizards of the Coast originally planned the Draconomicon as a tabletop book of art. Average Rating 4 ratings.

The benefit of this feat does not stack with any other ability or effect that alters a weapon’s critical multiplier. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. It works well as a resource for generating ideas for stories as well as just being an interesting read. Choose one type of melee weapon, such as claw or bite. It is a prestige class in 3. This feat may be taken multiple times. You are adept at lessening the effects of blows.


STR 13, breath weapon, size Large or larger. While the cone lasts, anyone touching or entering 3.5s takes 8d8 points of cold damage, and a DC 31 Reflex save reduces the cold damage to 4d8 points. Customers who viewed this item also viewed.

Draconomicon (e) – D&D Wiki

Each round you hold your opponent, you deal constriction damage. Memes and images in their respective weekly threads are exempt from this rule as well. Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. The Draconic template is fastly becoming one of my most favorite templates in my arsenal.

CON 17, breath weapon. Without this feat, you may only make a single attack as part of a charge. Wizards of the Coast; 1st edition November 1, Language: ComiXology Thousands of Digital Comics. Whenever you attack with a weapon with which you have selected the Weapon Focus feat, you may ignore up to 5 points of the target’s damage reduction regardless of the material or enhancement 3.5f of your weapon or hardness.

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A creature with multiple limbs qualifies for this feat as well, dracconomicon as a creature with three arms and three claw attacks. The Draconomicon is nothing sort of superb. Each portion deals half the damage the breath weapon normally deals or lasts half as long as the effect normally lasts.

The Player’s Perspective 4. Your fly speed if you have one improves by 20 feet. Please log in to add or reply to comments.

You have made a special study of dragons and know how to defend against a dragon’s attacks. Your vulnerability to an energy type is reduced.

Dragonslayer Class from 3. You have a better drqconomicon normal chance to avoid being bull rushed or tripped. In that stile I want to create something for my ranger as well.

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