The compact DISOMAT® Tersus weighing terminal is ideal for use in a wide range of weighing applications, regardless of whether you’re focusing on operating. DISOMAT® Tersus to control a crane DISOMAT® Tersus panel-mounting unit in field housing DISOMAT® Tersus Crane Scale, see Manual BV-HAA. A Schenck model DISOMAT Tersus (VTG ) digital indicator as shown in between weighing ranges may be automatic or manual.

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The present manual is valid from firmware version Vxxyy The entire signal chain is designed so that the device identifies logical HIGH if switch is activated, and logical LOW in case of wire breakage.

Manjal that both jumpers are in the same position. Remove separator plate, and the connector board is exposed.

RS and RS can be used as alternative only 1 physical interface. To ensure the high degree of protection: If the application requires more than one serial interface, interface expansion VSS can be employed. In case of verification, bond stamp onto housing seam.

No special jumper position must be observed. Sources of Danger No danger originates from the measuring system itself, if it is properly installed and commissioned.


Housing is designed for dusomat mounting or fixation on bracket. ATEX Zone 1 6. Manua Interfaces Connectors Note: A list of fieldbus accessories is given on page DXB Mechanical dimensions of equipment used: The terminal is more efficient, extremely adaptable, highly flexible and sustainable, delivering the very best solution for complex tasks.

Fieldbox VFG 4. The module is organized as ring buffer, i. Interfaces Connectors Figure Width [mm] 73 10 6 24 40 30 Height [mm] 99 99 35 48 48 90 78?

For 12Mbaud, the following physical restriction additionally applies: Base Unit Figure 7: VVG is used if no control or display unit is provided but interfaces or binary signals are required locally. For details, see manual BV-H For further reading For further information, please refer to the documents below. The ICP relay outputs can be loaded with max. ATEX Zone 1 Every single data record includes the following values: Local Box VVG 4.

The version with two measuring channels increases efficiency by making parallel measuring and feeding possible on both channels. System checks to see if the data to be overwritten have the predefined minimum age.


To do so, set jumper W on device to position Connection takes place across connector XE1 using a standard network cable with plug RJ When replacing exchangeable fuses, always use the genuine types with same rated current. If bus boards are equipped with jumpers for configuration, set these before mounting accessiblity. Best use new hex bolts from the bus board kit in place of the recessed head screws.


Fieldbus Interfaces Connectors 5. Plug fieldbus card complete with sub-connector from mounting kit onto the processor card component side pointing downward and affix using the three bolts.

If the last actively terminated slave is removed from bus, the entire bus may be disturbed, particularly in the case of alternating scales. With the further use of our web pages, you agree to the use of cookies.

Legal-For-Trade Memory Modules VMM Designed for storage of legal-for-trade data, the manuak memory modules replace a tally-tape printer or any external legal-for-trade memory.

Secondary Displays You can connect various secondary displays for different mounting sites e.

System Manual DISOMAT_百度文库

Combi Housing VKG 4. Safety Instructions Use As Originally Intended The measuring system and its connected mechanical components are exclusively designed for weighing and controlling tasks. ATEX Zone 1 7.