1 Ismail Beşikçi, Tunceli Kanunu () ve Dersim Jenosidi [The law 3 Report from the Consul in Trabzon, 27 September (Public Record Office. The region of Dersim, renamed Tunceli in , stood markedly at odds with the politico- Hamdi Bey, a senior official, in a report of , called the area an. Get this from a library! Dersim: Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı’nın raporu.. [Turkey. Jandarma Genel Komutanlığı.].

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The book, however, is still banned. One politician with close relations to the region estimated that 25 per cent of the forest has been lost. One scarcely finds mention of it in the major university textbooks on Turkish history. It was still possible to enter the province from the north i.

A few weeks prior to the evacuations, these forests were set alight. The PKK’s activities remained derslm restricted to the provinces directly bordering on northern Iraq, but gradually spread to an ever-wider region.

It is possible that a source is mentioned for a certain village but there is no entry for any of these four columns.

Government spokespersons have mentioned a figure of 1, rxporu made homeless; the real number of families affected by the operations may be several times that figure. Ankara’s English-language daily, Rapooru Daily News, and its weekly magazine edition, Turkish Probe, used to be quite informative on the Kurdish question but these media too, though less reticent than the Turkish-language mainstream papers, have become reluctant to report news rapooru might embarrass the security forces.

Eyewitnesses described literal conflagrations in the mountains, encircling the valleys like huge torches. For reasons of compatibility, we only speak of villages when we give numbers. In the present context, however, it should be noted that he was apparently detained because he was buying food. Like the mezra, the settlements obviously do not have serial numbers.

‘Resmi raporlarda Dersim katliamı: 13 bin kişi öldürüldü’ – Türkiye Haberleri – Radikal

In this respect, the village evacuations in Tunceli were exceptional, for here the government did provide some of the evacuees with shelter and even compensation; see chapter 4. The same pattern of forcible evacuations later spread to other Kurdish-inhabited districts, and eyewitness reports indicate that the coercion used became even more brutal.

Besides the various official forces listed here, there are several unofficial units whose very existence, or whose relationship with the state, is often denied. The present province of Tunceli, however, is smaller than historical Dersim.


The two district centres have been virtually destroyed in full-blown military attacks. The single-party regime met its end in the years after Retrieved 24 November It has been primarily the civilian population that became victims of the army’s counter-offensives; instead of alientating the village and town population from the PKK, the behaviour of the security forces appears to have made the PKK even more popular. Forcible evacuations were mentioned incidentally during the s but became increasingly common in the s.

This is done in the maps and tables that constitute the most important part of this report. This is well documented. Access to the entire zone will henceforth be strictly forbidden, also to the faporu who have always used these mountain slopes as their summer pastures; trespassers are to be shot on sight. Inthe Tunceli Law was passed to apply the Resettlement Law to the newly named region of Tuncelipreviously known as Dersim and populated by Kurmanci-speaking and Zaza-speaking Alevis.

In a special law concerning Dersim was passed, placing it under military rule and giving the military governor extraordinary powers to arrest and deport individuals and families. The report of Hamdi Bey had already called for strong measures and labelled the attempt at a peaceful penetration of Dersim by xersim, infrastructure and industry an illusion Halli No serious investigations have been made into allegations of systematic mistreatment by the army and the ‘special teams’; no disciplinary action taken against officers responsible for arson, rapkru, destruction of people’s property and even manslaughter.

Dersim rebellion

Derwim abd Zaza uprising against the Turkish government in Dersim, eastern Turkey. The incident is said to have taken place in mid-October, and the village name is incorrectly given as Ulukaya.

The Council of Ministers decided on 6 August that 5, Dersimis had to be removed from the prohibited zones to the west. A wide rapiru around Mardin and the districts north of Diyarbakir have been severely hit by these evacuations, usually followed by destruction of deraim village so that people could not return.

The Kurds in those years found a certain degree of sympathy and moral support in Turkish oppositional circles. If our tables indicate both a razzia and an evacuation or burning for the same village, this means that at least one more razzia took place there well before or after the other event.

This task was substantially completed by the summer and the leaders of the rebellion, including tribal leader Sayiid Rizawere hanged.

The following abbreviations are used: The fifty settlements in this zone, with a total population of around 10, were rapory be evacuated, and their inhabitants resettled in larger settlements in a more secure area.


Half a century ago Turkey deliberately adopted a policy of resettlement of Kurds as a means of speeding up their assimilation. Reports of torture and severe abuse of villagers who refused to become korucu have become common. However, this is viewed with suspicion by some, “who see it as an opportunistic move against the main opposition party, the secular CHP.

Moving to western Turkey would have meant giving up an entire way of life, the only one they were familiar with. This law was conceived in order to complete the Turkification of Anatolia in the context of the new focus on Dersim rapodu interior politics. Legalism disguised the breach of law against citizens, as in other authoritarian or fascist regimes rapogu the s. According to the official statements, the military campaign of targeted bandits dersom reactionary rapoeu and religious leaders who misled innocent people.

This is not the cumulative total but the drrsim for alone. These units appear to specialise in torture, murder, and provocation. The autumn military operations in the Dersim area do not constitute the first case of massive evictions from this region.

Thirdly, there are many more settlements than there are villages. Besides those mentioned already, at least seven more muhtars were detained in connection with their protests. The columns contain, from the left to the right, the following: From the point of view of the evacuees, however, this was perhaps the most rational choice they could make.

It has repeatedly attacked families of so-called village guards korucuwho are Kurdish militias armed by the government to fight the PKK see below. The number of security forces present in the eastern and southeastern provinces of Turkey, most of which are involved in the fight against the PKK, is in the order of two hundred thousand to a quarter of a million.

In his response, the Minister of the Interior, Mr.

By the s and s, we find a surprising number of persons of Dersimi origins many of whom had grown up elsewhere active in various political parties and organizations, especially those of the left. Furthermore, it results not simply in the destruction of houses and villages rapogu also in the destruction of the economic and social life and an important part of the culture of the affected population.