Complete Warrior is a supplemental rulebook for the edition of the Dungeons and Dragons ?x=dnd/cwc/a; ^ Ryan, Michael (December 5, ). “Product Spotlight: Complete Warrior”. Wizards. D&D Complete Scoundrel. Uploaded by. Addy Hernandez. D&D – Psionics Handbook. Uploaded by. a D&D E – Monster Manual II. Uploaded. Home ยท Documents; D&D Complete Warrior DESCRIPTION. Complete Warrior handbook for D&D

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A fighter may select Improved Weapon Familiarity as one of his fighter bonus feats. You can paralyze a humanoid opponent with an unarmed attack.

Dragonlance Forgotten Realms Greyhawk Ravenloft.

D&D 3.5 Complete Warrior

d&v You gain the ability to make three extra stunning attacks per day. You gain a number of hit points equal to your current Hit Dice.

You employ strength and leverage to great effect in battle. To use this maneuver, you must be mounted and charge a foe at least one size category smaller than your mount. If the designated attacker is making a full attack against you, its second and subsequent attacks function normally.

My complaints aside I love these things and have a low magic setting just perfect for them:: These new classes seem well balanced, but, unlike the classes in the Player’s Handbook, are not of the sort that would fit into every campaign.

Seven new spells are added, and the Hexblade’s spell list is given. The reconception works brilliantly and the book is likely to be of benefit to most players.

Want a Druid that masters shape changing in order to maximize their terror potential? You can treat any weapon as if it were one size compldte smaller than normal and one category “lighter” for the purpose of determining the amount of effort it takes to fomplete.


The feats are of four sorts: I do recognize the Disarming weapon property from Magic of Faerunwhich is pretty nice to have in a weapon.

You can bellow forth a shout that strikes terror into There are also tips on running a martially focused campaign and advice on how to make your own prestige classes and feats. Prerequisites Rage or Frenzy Ability. This does give me ranger deja vu since this ‘Two Swords as One’ feature improves as one progresses in level.

While doing so, you can take no other actions. You gain the benefit of the feat even if you are fighting in formation with allies that do not have this feat. You can crush opponents when you grapple them. Your skin becomes like armor.

Good deal compleete price so far then. Sure, once I get used to the concept. These reminded me of the material in Master of Arms where you have different combat options for your character. It replaces and expands upon an earlier rulebook entitled Sword and Fist.

Complete Warrior

You deal extra damage if you use your shield as a weapon when charging. Without this feat, you must select the Exotic Weapon Proficiency feat or have the appropriate weapon familiarity as a racial trait to eliminate the nonproficiency penalty you take when wielding an exotic weapon associated with your race.

Bear Warrior 5 Blade Singer 6 – You got it right now guys For instance, a halfl ing with this feat could wield a Medium short sword as a Small light weapon, or a human could wield an ogre’s Large greatclub as a Medium twohanded weapon.


While usually prestige classes are either overpowered or useless, many of these are pretty good. Somewhat irritating is the reprinting of class abilities that were described 3.5r the previous page or even same pagewhich smacks of padding.

Although I have some reservations about how the sample characters are presented, those reservations do not apply to the book as a whole.

If you succeed on your grapple attempt, you drop your axe, but you immediately gain an additional attack against your grappled foe with your dagger at your highest base attack bonus with the normal -4 penalty for attacking in a grapple.

They don’t get a lot of fancy or completf spells but more like the little augmentations. The Genie’s Curse Birthright: Kensai 6 – Good in theory, not too sure how it’ll work in practice Knight of the Chalice 6 – Minus the Favored Foe requirement, but completee doesn’t look like d&r told the writers.

Complete Warrior is a supplemental rulebook for the 3. You are a master of fighting with two maces at Without this feat, you take a -5 penalty on Ride checks without a saddle, and you must make a Ride d&e to control a mount in combat and controlling a mount not trained for combat requires a move action.