Thirteen years ago after causing a sensation with her book The White Masai, Corinne Hofmann has returned to the theme of Africa with her new. In fact, the picture tells a pretty accurate story. Some years ago Hofmann, a businesswoman who owned a clothes shop in Switzerland, visited. Aminatta Forna reviews The White Masai by Corinne Hofmann.

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I can accept that, but his clothes look ridiculous: Trivia About The White Masai. Decisions like to marry a man from a totally alien culture having only met him once and not even being able to communicate in the same language! It is the true account of a Swiss tourist who, while traveling in Kenya, falls in love with a Masai warrior.

She is the only person who actually treats the Masai clrinne basic human respect. I believe memoirs should be rated based on how they engage the reader and how well they are written. If you want to warn somebody about the real dangers of love at first sight — yes.

It is a true testament to love at first sight and the human spirit to prevail and triumph over what seems the impossible. The conditions in which she lived were completely alien to her, sometimes potentially life-threatening; the narrative unravels at breakneck speed in a series of visceral, pulse-racing adventures.

Her adventures in the bush, her struggles to understand her role in the fhe and all the characters she meets adds immensely to the book’s appeal. I really enjoyed reading it and found her detail incredibly believable and managed to feel like I was there along for the clrinne with her. Didn’t she see how he was treating her?

Please try again later. Disagreed with her choices, but absolutely fascinated by her life in Africa. Many times, she wrote of stress, being tired and being emotionally drained.


Her beloved one had vanished and she was able to find him 1, km away from Mombasa. But slowly the dream starts to crumble when she can no longer ignore the chasm between their two vastly different cultures.

The story of a Swiss woman who goes to Kenya, hofmxnn in love with a Masai warrior, and moves there to live with him, The White Masai is also a story of love, cross-culture marriage, life in an African village, and domestic abuse.

Also, there was some communication between him and me.

If interested at all in the Masai, you will enjoy the details of this read. I read this for my book club. They spread it across their bodies and hair to protect themselves from the sun, cold and bad weather.

Corinne Hofmann – Wikipedia

Dec 11, Jolanta25 rated it it was amazing. I opened the inside cover and read that the book was an autobiography about a Swiss woman who fell instantly in love with a Masai man and gave up her life in Switzerland to live with the man in the African bush.

It didn’t bother me at all. It was amazing that even in the African bush, relationship problems often come back to money.

Warrior as house husband – Telegraph

The reunion is described in Afrika, meine Passion. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts. While Corinne is busy trying to make a living and make her relationship work, her husband, Lketinga wanders aimlessly about the place, being corinn useless.

Either way, an interesting read. See all reviews. They’re not exactly touristy. Nevertheless, that experience caught my interest.

There were dozens of red flags, but nothing seemed to matter except her blind infatuation. As the story progressed, I began to sympathise with her and admire her more and more.

The book takes place over approximately 3 years of the author’s life, in which she breaks up with her Swiss boyfriend, sells everything she owns car, apartment, mmasai shop in Switzerland to live a very difficult life in Kenya. May 13, Nancy Schober rated it did not like it Shelves: I suffered from terrible blisters on my feet and I lost 12 kilogrammes.


I did not really see why she fell for him or stayed with him beyond his filling her fantasy of the “noble savage. Three days after they arrived, she spotted Lketinga: Only finished it to see if the author grew a brain, but she didn’t. I wanted to yell at Corrine at hofmamn lust for Lketinga, but then I realized I too was a young woman infatuated with young men who were not in my league or just plain inappropriate.

There was a problem adding your email address. With all the negative reviews for this book, I felt the need to comment on my thoughts on the book. He does not work to feed his family, no sir! She was 27 years old at the time, but she seemed more like I have to say the author was breathtakingly foolish and incredibly lucky not to end up robbed or dead several times over as it is she has several life-struggling masaj with various nasty diseases that she was lucky to survive.

This is not out of evilness, but out of loniliness, to see that I was not the only one foolish enough, stupid enough, naive enough, to make such a mistake.


Apart from Corinne, the other people I really liked in the book are Lketinga’s mother – a wise and wonderful woman. The book was a good read.

Jun 17, Marilyn Maya rated it did not like it. My Exotic Tale of Love and Adventure.