con el diagnóstico histopatológico de cordoma de la base del cráneo .. magnética cerebral, corte sagital, secuencia T1, cordoma del clivus. Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un chordoma; clivus; endoscopic resection; malignant tumor. RESUMEN. Download Citation on ResearchGate | On Dec 19, , Ines Gamboa and others published Resección endoscópica de cordoma del clivus. Descripción de un.

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A CT study of axial chordomas by Krol, et al. Therefore, highly focused radiation such as proton therapy and carbon ion therapy are more effective than conventional x-ray radiation.


Intradural Retroclival Chordoma

The yellow-brown spherical tumor was situated between the scalloped pedicle of the L-3 vertebra and nerve root. In most cases, complete surgical resection followed by radiation therapy offers the best chance of long-term control. However, if allowed to grow for long periods, it may invade the dura and extend intradurally as well as extradurally 13 In fact, the imaging findings were atypical for vertebral chordoma and more characteristic of either a neurogenic neoplasm, such as neurilemoma or neurofibroma, an arachnoid cyst, or diverticulum.

The remainder of the neurological examination was within normal ranges. Report of two cases. The tumor was clearly distinguished from the brain cortex and was easily removed by means of tumor forceps and suction tools. The role of radiosurgery in the management of chordoma and chondrosarcoma of the cranial base. The signal changes seen were nonspecific, and the tumor did not enhance with gadolinium, which is unusual for a neoplasm.


Photomicrograph of the intradural tumor showing typical physaliphorous cells in mucinous matrix. On initial evaluation, the patient had ataxic gait. While initially thought to be successfully removed, the tumor returned inand caused Heyward’s death in May Delayed CT of L-2, L-3, and L-4 at 6, 12, and 24 hours postmyelography demonstrated two abnormalities: Author information Article notes Copyright lcivus License information Disclaimer.

Cancer Immunology and Immunotherapy. The interest of this case lies not only in the nature and location of the incidentally discovered tumor but also in its radiological presentation as an asymptomatic lesion at one lumbar level associated with a symptomatic disc extrusion at another lumbar level.

Extraosseous spinal chordoma

The position of the tumor at L-3 and the friability of the tumor tissue resulted in piecemeal removal. Corcoma magnetic resonance images demonstrated an inhomogeneously contrast-enhanced large tumor growing into right cavernous sinus and Meckel’s cave located totally within intradural retroclival region. Most patients clivjs skull base chordomas have been treated with a combination of surgery and radiotherapy, although the efficacy of radiosurgery is controversial The only abnormality demonstrated on CT was scalloping of the posterior portion of the vertebral body and enlargement of the neural foramen, both frequently seen in neurogenic tumors.

Retrieved from ” https: Embryological Considerations A developmental lesion related to chordoma is the ecchordosis physaliphora. Postoperative course The patient complained dizziness, but other symptoms, such as ataxia, right facial numbness without paralysis, right hearing disturbance, were much more improved.


A soft, friable and grayish mass was seen. MR imaging, performed 14months after gamma knife radiosurgery, revealed decreased size of remnant tumor compared with one before gamma knife radiosurgery Fig.

Intradural Retroclival Chordoma

Percutaneous radiofrequency ablation has been trialled as an adjunct therapy 8. Like their counterparts at other sites, such tumors are considered to arise from notochordal rests.

Histological subtype also cordlma a substantial impact on prognosis with chondroid chordoma having the best prognosis and dedifferentiated chordoma the worst prognosis; the more common conventional chordoma having intermediate prognosis 14, The lumbar fusion was considered sound. Magnetic resonance imaging demonstrated that the tumor located in the retroclival and right crerebellopontine angle, growing into right cavernous sinus and Meckel’s cave and compressing the brainstem from medulla to midbrain Fig.

Postoperative Course The patient made an uneventful postoperative recovery and was ambulating in a cast brace. Chordomas can arise from bone in the skull base and anywhere along the spine. Pathology of Tumor of the Nervous System.